Shejian Yingxiang @ Fanpu Hotel 梵璞主题文化酒店

Shejian Yingxiang/Tip of Tongue Image 舌尖映像
Fanpu 梵璞主题文化酒店 Theme Cultural Hotel
288 Zhi Cai Lu
Tongxiang Shi, Jiaxing Shi, Zhejiang, China 314501
植材路288号 (近长途汽车站)
Jiaxing, Jiangsu, China

It’s 1.4 miles / 2.4 km (Google map) to Wuzhen scenic zone. The hotel lobby is very attractive and the restaurant on the second floor is spacious, books on the shelves and paintings on the walls (although I don’t like this artist). There are private dining rooms. Order is placed at their market hub. The crabs are less than Chenglong Hang‘s, ¥38/48 each. The lobster-look alike xiao qing long 小青龙 from Australia are expensive ¥358 per 500 g/0.45 lb; river shrimps are 河虾 ¥138 500 g. Foods are delicious, service is good.

img_9633 img_9631

Their market hub. This fish puts up a fierce fight.

img_9609 img_9622

The last dish is lamb, we didn’t even touch it: too much food for four people!

img_9630 img_9629 img_9628 img_9626 img_9625 img_9624 img_9627 img_9612 img_9608 img_9607

Then off to Wuzhen.

A friend of mine explains about xiaoqinglong 小青龙 “是一种和波士顿龙虾差不多大小的600~800克的龙虾。颜色灰绿。一般产在印度洋(西澳)澳洲大龙虾是指产自㙮斯马尼亚或南澳以南深海大龙虾重量都在2千克到4千克,颜色深红(活的时候)。两种龙虾都没有像波士顿龙虾一样的大钳子”

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