Mar 2 2024

Kamikaze & pelicans

This was taken at Sand Key Park at 8:07am. Reportedly, they do that dive before 9am when they’re hungry.

Watching pelicans thrusting their heads into water to catch their preys, always remind me of Japanese kamikaze – suicide bombers – in the WW II. The difference is, pelicans generally catch their prey, and the Japanese pilots – as human bombers, generally died.

Did middle eastern terrorists learn using humans as bombers from Japan?

  • NIH: terrorism-related attacks in E Asia from 1970
  • State Dept: country reports on terrorism in 2019
  • Justice Dept: psychology of terrorism
  • UNodc: Japan gather countries from Asia, …
  • Navy: terrorism in southeast Asia

Either, I didn’t ask a valid or clear question, or the Middle East didn’t learn from Japan.


Oct 12 2013

The water’s journey


@ Watkins Glen state park:

Below you is Glen Creek, which begins on Sugar Hill nearly ten miles from here.
Across from you, the water of Rainbow Falls is one of many springs and brooks that feed Glen Creek on its trip to Seneca Lake. It may take 25 years for the water flowing by you today to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Can you trace the water’s northeast journey?


Oct 12 2013

Watkins Glen state park

Watkins Glen is a NYS park in a small town which is famous for auto racing – the only one of two (or a few?) that Nascar isn’t run on the oval track. More pix here

the main entrance on Main Street

the main entrance on Main Street

Golfer told me that we hiked here 20+ years ago, pre-parents era but I had no recollection. A park this stunning, especially with water, I should at least remember some part of it?


(not sure what went wrong: the WordPress or my T2i camera – can’t get the portrait to post right and many shots are portrait…)

This state park is nothing short of spectacular. The entrance is on the little town’s Main Street. It’s a beautiful Saturday and the Main Street was jammed with traffic.


The combination of soft water and hard stone creates mystic and romance. One is flowing constantly and one solid unyielding.

IMG_3397 IMG_3399 IMG_3400

The park prohibits dogs but few owners managed to come with their companions.

There is a graveyard. A few graves have fake flowers.

Parking is $8, which allows the access to the top parking too. There is a shuttle ($3.00) to take the hiker down to the main entrance should one requires. Beer (mostly local brew) at the top store cost $4.

IMG_3345 - Copy

There is a camp ground (a wedding was going on, catered by Corning Cater) with out door pools.



The store and bathroom at the top:

IMG_3430 IMG_3434 IMG_3433 IMG_3432

Oct 11 2013

Seneca Lake @ Geneva

Seneca Lake is the largest of the glacial finger lakes in up state New York. It’s a little less than 38 miles (61 km) in length, north ends in Geneva and south at Watkins Glen.

A few NE colleges are having sailing race.



How did this white car get there?


IMG_3185  IMG_3186

The water is very clear and cool. A perfect condition for swimming. I’ve my compete swimming gears: suit, cap and gaggles. The widest’s width of the lake is 1.8 miles (3 km). However I didn’t know the local rule for swimming. It would be my regret for years to come.

More pix here;


Oct 11 2013

Goat Island

The little island at Niagara Fall is very nice in the autumn. tranquil and serene with limited tourists. We had a good meal at Shango Bistro and Wine Bar.

More pix

IMG_3150 IMG_3139 IMG_2976 IMG_3015


Oct 21 2012

Cold Spring Harbor at Laurel Hollow

The Inner Harbor @ Cold Spring Harbor at Laurel Hollow, near Huntington. An little area right off the 25A N Hempstead Turnpike.