Feb 25 2022

Cars are in demand

Heard on Bloomberg radio that a used Toyota is asking $90,000+ in California, because of shortage of cars on the market, mostly caused by chips and so on. Then I saw a friend’s post on WeChat: she searched online for a car and then went to the Benz dealer that has the one she wanted. Various prices she encountered in a day:

  • $98,920 on the car at the dealer’s display room
  • $88,630 was what she saw online
  • $77,850, the standard price on Benz’s site also on the car at the dealer

The sales person at the dealer said, someone is picking this one up at 3pm BUT if you pay $25,000 extra, it’s yours.

She left in disgust and purchased from BMW, thought a friend.

Free market … but what that dealer is doing is terrible. Is it industry wide practice at the moment, or they target each consumer differently?

Feb 23 2022

Buttercooky @ Flora Park

217 Jericho Tpke
Floral Park, NY 11001


Same chain store but I like this one far more than the one on Plandome Road in Manhasset: the staff is friendlier and active, like you don

Feb 23 2022

Tool @ UBS

Tool is a heavy metal rock band from Los Angeles, founded in 1990. The drummer is the center piece.

Their music s heavy. UBS arena is shaking, and my handbag is vibrating. Me shakes too. With earplugs, I still think that I

Feb 23 2022

Cajun Crab Shack

230 Jericho Turnpike
Floral Park, NY 11001

Will return.

A nice seafood restaurant.

Friendly service, good food and pleasant decor. The statue behind our booth looks like Johnny Depp

Feb 19 2022

Lego 乐高

This unopened box of Star Wars has 1,064 pieces for age 14+ #4483 is selling around $400 on eBay. The low is $425 and the high is $925 plus $111 shipping from Australia, unopened.

People like to invest in gold but maybe should reconsider – Lego isn’t a bad idea.

Two bags of loose legos for donation.

New York has a few stores and the new Legoland in upstate New York has opened recently.

Feb 16 2022

Kate spade tennis @ Rockefeller 

New York: The ice skating is still going on at Rockefeller; a giant tv is showing Winter Olympic in Beijing. Kate Spade windows are displaying tennis.


Feb 16 2022

Treasures in NYPL

New York Astor Court and many benefactors of the Library; and a homeless with a pigeon: dirty streets/areas, and homeless people are common scenes in New York after former Mayor Bloomberg’s 3rd term at the end of 2013.

My second time visiting of this exhibition at the Library, equally enjoyable.


Feb 16 2022

Central Park & its north end

New York: I rarely go to the northern end of the Park. Today is the third time that I walked from the south, 59th Street to 110th Street in the north, ended up with 8.2 miles in total in the city.

The skyline

Bethesda Terrace and the Fountain 

Jackie’s pond: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

A year-round new pool and a rink by the Central Park Conservancy at Harlem Meer, I’ll have to detour due to closed road, to get to 110th Street and Blvd Bistro


…. and some snapshots of the City

Covid-19 testing tents are still seen; bad road: 42nd Street and 5th Ave.   new


22 W 48th Street @ Rockefeller 

Coach handbag store at 685 Fifth Ave, displays a dinosaur that is made with their bags and leather. 165 W 57th Street was a dancing school that was named for the instructor Louis H. Chalif Normal (1876-1948). It was completed in 1916



Feb 16 2022

Blvd Bistro

2149 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026

We’re in the neighborhood for Apollo Theater: Will return.

Warm decor – lots wood and bricks.
Good and friendly service – I think one of the waiting staff called me mom – hugs hugs.
Yummy food.

– Shrimp grits
– chicken dinner – good too.
– Nina Simone – yummy
– Mystic Andes Malbec – good

I walked up from the Library (at 42nd Street), through Central Park, with a few wrong turns and closed road. By the time I got to the restaurant, I felt that I could eat a whole pig. The shrimp dish looks small but the large shrimps are succulent and filling. We added the chicken wings as an afterthought, is average (perhaps we’re too full to taste…).

Their bathroom is cool

Yelp has the same address but TripAdvisor has it at 239 Lenox Blvd., did it move? The restaurant sits on a corner of Frederick Douglass Blvd and 116th Street.


Feb 16 2022

Apollo Theater

253 W 125th St
New York, NY 10027

This legendary music hall in Harlem is locates between 7th Ave & 8th Ave. The interior is nice, walls are filled with memories.

It’s the amateur night, a full house. The energy is strong. Taking photos and videos are aggressively appreciated or ordered -:) and noise is encourage.

The performers are ok … 

The bathroom is so tiny that I’ve hard time to close the door …

Overall, it’s a fun night.

… a few more photos 

Elsewhere in the City. The giant tv at Rockefeller is showing American woman figure skater Alysa Liu (刘美贤, 2005-)  at Beijing winter Olympics in the early afternoon, in anticipation of the final in a few hours.