Mar 26 2019



Mar 26 2019

Bar SixtyFive

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

This bar is on the 65th floor as the Rainbow Room, with the 10′ high ceiling on north, west and south sides. The drinks are fine, nothing is really special. You go there more for the view. On a quiet night with the clear sky, it’s very nice.

Mar 26 2019

Times Square

Another Day out at the heart of the Big Apple.

Mar 26 2019

Le Bernardin

155 W 51 St
New York, NY

Near Times Sq.

This is a Michelin 3 and I

Mar 23 2019

NYPL for the Performing Arts

A great place to research, listen, and read. Went after a performance @ Julliard. The walk is 6.4 miles.


Something is bit off: to request on site books, after filling out the request slip at the desk that has three computer terminals, I need to go to someone else to versify if the book is on site.

Mar 23 2019

Paul Hall @ Julliard

Before the library I take in a performance by David Kwak @ Paul Hall / Lincoln Ctr.


Lincoln Center


Mar 23 2019

TWA Hotel

TWA is getting a second life, not flighting again but a hotel @ JFK. They’re promoting it at Times Square.

The model isn’t the top grade but gets the job done, I guess? The new hotel/complex will have 512 rooms, 6 restaurants and 8 bars… My goodness, it’s huge.

Mar 23 2019

New York Historical Society

170 Central Park West
New York


Mar 19 2019

What’s your thought on this?

This is an old photo I took nearly three years ago. It was a residential building. The Close button is visibly used than the Open.

Any thought on this?

Mar 14 2019

WTO 世贸

What China has promised