Jan 28 2011

A few scenes of Central, HK

The tram and double decker bus
花旗诚信破产 Citi … bankrupt .. shame on America
同德大押 a pawnshop
减压网球训练班 tennis training for you .. whatever, it’s tennis, good enough for me in whatever the form.

the tram and the bus

Citi .. shame on you America

a pawnshop

减压 tennis ?? what

Jan 28 2011

The stores and 鏞記 Yung Kee

Is Hong Kong still a shopper’s paradise?
Coach handbags is everywhere, next to boldest names, like Tiffany and LV .. I spot this little thing after lunch at the famed duck restaurant 镛记酒家 – 鏞記 Yung Kee.

initial: the place fo true style seekers looking for something different

It’s different .. but the name plate is missing an r

Duck is one of my favored food .. so it’s fitting to dine here .. The duckie is good .. Yung Kee in Oakland, CA, in 2021

Jan 27 2011


They are from the same artist, Robert Indiana who loves a good Love. New York Love and Taipei Love, hopefully I’ll find more love somewhere.

New York: 535 Madison Ave @ Park Avenue in middle town Manhattan

2010: Love from New York .. 535 Madison Ave

Taipei 101 (台北101), formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District.

9/22/2010: this Love is at Taipei 101

.. found on the web

found this on the web too

Jan 27 2011

The nth snowstorm of the season

New York has had many snow storms, , (12/30/2010) this winter I lost count of it. It blanked big apple in white .. the winter wonderland till Feb and beyond.. more pix on FB

Jan 27, 9:10am

Jan 27, 11:24am

Jan 27 2011


There is one tennis court at Sheraton Hotel which is vacant most time.

Majiang at Tianyi Ge; first batch; libraries; 凝晖堂
史学大师全祖望 Quan Zuwang by the 月湖 Moon Lake;
The Tea Museum

Foot massage

I shopped at the jewelry 老凤祥 Lao Fengxiang. It has a similar tear drop bracelet like that of Tiffany.

The subway is being built, coming your way very soon.

tennis court at Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

a lady with a cart

Smile ..

the subway is coming your way … soon

Jan 27 2011


My albums

Hilton Head, Dec 24, 2007

Central Park, New York, Sept 14, 2007

Oswego NY Lake Ontario, Aug 17, 2007

the parking lot story .. June 22, 2007

Jan 27 2011

My fave 2009

Kissena Park, NY; Nov 12, 2009

Stepping Stone Park; July 13, 2009

on the Throgs Neck Bridge; July 5, 2009

Nicaragua, May 18, 2009





Jan 23 2011

The subways ..

Frankfurt (am Main – on the River Main) reminds me of Toronto or Philadelphia – practical and inexpensive. Now they’re armed with subway, navigating the city becoming event more convenient. Talking about subway, Underground, S-Bahn, Tram, etc to the Germans while Metro for Parisians, it’s amusing to see that there are plenty tall fare gates guard the Paris Metro (and plenty people trying to beat it, some due to malfunction .. ) while German’s subway were wide open, without a hint of gates, purely on honor system. Two countries share long border but drastically different.

Fare gates in Paris - is it necessary .. or .. inferior ?

Jan 23 2011

The Korean garden in Frankfurt

July 21, 2010

The 4,800-square-metre Korean Garden (Koreanischer Garten) in the Gr

Jan 19 2011

Harvest on Hudson

A scenic restaurant on the river with good food in Hasting, New York. The little herb garden provide nice out door dining. A tennis club near by, if you’re in the mood. More pics on FB, see ice floating on the Hudson River. Beautiful.

fly away

the table with vu

catch of the day