Oct 31 2021

The Boil

17 Waverly Pl
New York, NY 10003

This seafood place is in Greenwich Village, between Greene St & Mercer St

A pretty good place for seafoods but cash only. Not even debit card.

It’s our second dinner. We’ve crawfish in special seasoning, which is the better of the two, and clams in garlic pepper – it’s so huge, too chewy. Not sure the Americans prefer big but I prefer smaller clams, like LittleNeck. The corns are tender and sweet, and the potatoes hits the spot.


Oct 31 2021

Olio e Pi

3 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10014


Oct 31 2021

Union Square Park 联合广场公园

This park in New York City was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, opened in 1839. It’s known for its green/farmer’s market and winter Christmas market.

The Abraham Lincoln statue at 17th Street, background of renovated north plaza (now the Freehold in the Park), and George Washington at 14th Street, by Henry Kirke Brown in 1856.


Mohandas K. Gandhi in April 2019

More photos

Oct 31 2021

Washington Square Park

New York. This park in the Greenwich Village is next to NYU. The park is known for chess playing. A few decades ago, kids would often drink there till the cops chased them away. The marble arch was designed by Stanford White in 1891, commemorates George Washington’s centennial inauguration as the first US president in 1789.

The bronze statue of the Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-82), and the American mechanical engineer Alexander Lyman Holley (183282)

More photos of the park

Oct 31 2021

Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest @ Madison Sq Park Conservancy

The dog park is a little too saturated for my taste, but the furry friends seem happy.

“… a towering stand of forty-nine haunting Atlantic white cedar trees, is a newly-commissioned public art work. Lin brings her vision as an artist and her agency as an environmental activist to this project, a memory of germination, vegetation, and abundance and a harsh symbol of the devastation of climate change. The height of each tree, around forty feet, overwhelms human scale and stands as a metaphor of the outsized impact of a looming environmental calamity.


Oct 31 2021

Cityscape, Halloween

A lazy Sunday in New York. We walked over 6 miles, visiting some shops, OS Brasileiros Inc @ 150 W 28th Street, bought a green aventurine ring (砂金石?), a form of quartz; and Chelsea flea market, where I found beeswax ring. The owner claimed it’s an opal and asked for $75. I was only willing to pay $50. He then offered $60. I walked.


Strand Books at E 12th Street and and Broadway, and the Paragon Sporting Goods Company at E 18th Street and Broadway.

The Grace Church. It’s only Halloween but the Christmas colors have lighted up at Empire State Building.


Oct 31 2021

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade 2021

For once, we made it to the Village Halloween Parade.

It starts at Canal and 6th Ave at 7pm. The route is along the Sixth Avenue, going uptown that ends at W 15th Street, at around 11pm.

We watched it near Spring Street in the Village, on a warm 60 degree day, mixing with clouds.

… the sideshow before the parade

The day is packed:

Oct 31 2021

Chess Forum

Threesome chess … Booby Fischer underneath  
219 Thompson St,
New York, NY 10012

Chess clubs in New York is on the decline. When I first came to New York, there were three major one:

~ 1877, Manhattan Club, closed in 2002; the 2nd oldest chess club in U.S.
~ 1915, Marshall Club by Frank Marshall (1877-1944) @ 23 W 10th Street
~ 1975, chess space
~ 1995, Chess Forum

I’ve visited Manhattan (at 353 W 46th Street on ‘Restaurant Row’), Marshall (in a brownstone [?]), and the predecessor of the Chess Forum in the past. The later two are in Greenwich Village.

Chess Forum is at the same location from the original chess space in New York.

The threesome chess

A few more photos on Halloween night. One man holding down the fort, while two men are playing in the back.


The following article appeared in 2020.11.23 issue of New York Magazine

Chess Forum

Oct 29 2021

Caumsett, 2021

It’s a cloudy day but two friends from the West coast wanted to see some Long Island. So we decided to take them there. Does it mean this is my most favorite park?


Oct 29 2021

Pearl East

1191 Northern Blvd,
Manhasset, NY 11030

Gosh, $20+ for lunch special when most others charge around $10. Food is really just ok and the decor isn’t all that impressive. Their menus have different prices for the same dishes (i.e. $20.95 vs $15.95). Might be the higher ones are dine in?