Apr 26 2011

A beautiful park


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Today the 1010 WINS John Montone reported the installing an intense surveillance system in Kings Point. He said two women had lost their engagement rings because someone had followed them home. (A little baffling .. how did that happened? The robber just grabbed it or what??). I saw plenty Hawkeye LLC trucks in town; feeling very protected.

bathroom entrance

This is one of my favored parks; more pix on FB

… even the bathroom landing is beautiful …

IMG_4928The boats and
New Year’s day 2017
tulips, 2016.05.09
A snowy day, 2016.01.24
2015.04.11, 3 videos
2014.11.03, seagulls
2014.10.29, yoga
2014.09.20 sun setpage 
2014-07-26, Dave Mason





May 9, 2011, 5pm

May 9, 2011, 5pm

April 26, 2011

Apr 22 2011

DC, etc.

Two short trips to DC, one was meeting family members and the weekend after was for kids visiting schools.

April 9-11: Megabus;
K St NW;
Flowers and Auntie Lisa’s green thumbs;
An early dinner at Xus

April 19: Uni of Maryland
April 20: National Air and Space Museum; Washington Monuments; LOC; Georgetown Uni;
April 21: sea gulls at water front; Peabody;

Apr 21 2011

George Peabody 1795-1869 皮博迪

Peabody (1795-1869; 乔治

Apr 20 2011

LOC 国会图书馆

Drive by shooting of the

Apr 20 2011

The Washington Monuments

I took those pix while the car was moving – drive by shooting. We were pretty lucky to have nice weather during our short stay.

April 20, 2011, the Washington Monument

April 20, 2011

Equal Justice under Law

Federal Trade Commission

Apr 20 2011

National Air and Space Museum

the power of USA

the great USA

The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington Dulles International Airport is the companion facility to the Museum on the National Mall. The building opened in December, 2003, and provides enough space for the Smithsonian to display the thousands of aviation and space artifacts that cannot be exhibited on the National Mall. The two sites together showcase the largest collection of aviation and space artifacts in the world.

Entrance is free parking $15. More pix on FB.

Apr 19 2011

New York downtown

View of lower Manhattan from BQE Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

downtown Manhattan from BQE, April 19, 2011

Apr 12 2011

The MegaBus in 2011

It would take me approximate 30 minutes on a 20 miles journey, costing $7.50 on the LIRR, on a weekend (off peak) from my home to New York. The ride was relatively comfortable, somewhat on time.

I didn’t take this direct route.  Instead I went to Flushing because I  wanted to treat my family.  So I stopped by Flushing in the morning for some authentic food. There were so many freshly out of the oven stuffs, steaming hot.   I ended up with bought 3 boxes. When I got to the bus stop in the city, they were still warm. The luggage handler asked me what those warm stuff are.
“Food .. feel free to try some .. ”

9th Avenue at 33th Street

For $17.50 (the 50 for booking fee .. funny ..), I rode in comfort from New York to Washington DC, about 238 miles. The bus left sharply on time, at 10:30, arriving at DC, after two brief stops in Maryland’s White Marsh, little over 4 hours.

The bus crowd was at the luggage opening, one handler was inside and pushing out our luggage one by one. Everyone, male and female of all colors was standing there watching, except a black girl who’s helping the put the luggage on the ground to make room for the handler to empty the load. Few moments later, the handler, a big man shouted,
“Come on, can you guys do it??” [instead the girl].
The boys seemed suddenly waken, and lent helping hands.

The bus loading area was quickly emptied but my food was not among them. It’s long gone.
I was really upset ..
I called the customer hot line, got nowhere.

K St. NW and N Capitol St. NW

On Monday, I took the same bus back home only because Uncle Jim had already purchased a ticket the day before.
We got there at 11:21am. A chubby lady with short hair cut was on duty.
She informed us loudly, it’s $25 but the bus is full.
“I have 50 passengers to pick up at Maryland.”
So we have to wait for the 12:30 bus.
“Oh, you guys lost my food on Saturday ..”
She cut me off.
“I lost your food? Sweetheart, you’ve got to talk to the customer service..”
She then denied Uncle Jim’s ticket as the number was wrong.
“See this? You’ve got to give me this long number.” Then added that Uncle Jim needed to re-buy his ticket.
Guess neither of us was good enough for her.
Then a lone passenger came, announcing that he’s waiting for the 12:30 bus.
She said something I decided to not to listen.
“Ok, you go ahead.” She gestured the lone passenger to board the 11:30 bus.
“Hey, that’s not fair. Didn’t you say there isn’t room?” I was only half serious. Because, after all, we were two passengers and he’s one.
“Didn’t you hear me telling you to get on?” She enlarged her eyes .. ..
“Ok .. thanks .. no need to get mad .. ”

After we sat down and bus began to move, did I realize she didn’t charge me for the ride.

After endured my adventure-recap, Pumpkin said,
“Mom, you did say they can eat your food ..”
” .. yes .. but I was only kidding .. who’d eat other people’s food?”
“Mom, people sometimes can’t tell if you’re joking or not .. ”
Isn’t it a miracle that neither of us is in a mental institution?

Apr 10 2011

With family in DC

April 10, 2011; Fairfax, Virginia @ Xu

April 10, 2011; Fairfax, Virginia @ Xu

April 10, 2011; Fairfax, Virginia @ Xu

Apr 9 2011

K Street NW

At 4th Street, NW to 5th Street NE and 1st Street NW, where the Liberty North Community Market was located. Busboys and Poets, Louis