Jun 29 2022

Gansevoort Peninsula

Among many piers in the Hudson River Park in New York

Jun 29 2022

Hudson River on a nice day

A nice day to walk in the city. Visited many piers on the Hudson River Park.

  1. Pier 26
  2. Pier 34
  3. Pier 40
  4. Pier 45
  5. Pier 49
  6. Pier 51
  7. Pier 52 or Day’s End
  8. Gansevoort Peninsula

North Moore Street: Firehouse Hook & Ladder, Company 8 @ 14 North Moore St. and Varick. It’s famous for the Ghostbusters movie (1984 and on). N. Moore St was named for Benjamin Moore (1748-1816 … not the paints co. which was founded in 1883) in 1790. Mr. Chow; Citigroup @ 388 Greenwich St.

Little Island

Samsung experience store @ 837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014 & Diane von Furstenberg @ 874 Washington St.

High Line Park


New Yorker hotel @ 481 8th Avenue, the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan / NYC.

Two very recognizable skyscrapers: the Empire State Building and Chrysler

The Haier building @ 1356 Broadway was Greenwich Savings Bank before. A #7 subway train rider.

Pigeons at the NYPL library.

Web3 Gallery @ 510 Fifth Avenue, has a vault.

Covid-19 testing tents are still seen on the streets … and taking it down to finish the day -:)


The reflection on the opposite building @ 546 Fifth Avenue. One of the tenants (or the only one) is Safra Bank.

Jun 29 2022

Pier 52 or Day’s End

Among many piers in Hudson River ParkNew York

Jun 29 2022

Pier 49

One of many piers in New York, on the Hudson River.

Jun 29 2022

Pier 45

One of many piers in New York, on the Hudson River.

Jun 29 2022

Citi @ 388 Greenwich St

Citi @ 388 Greenwich St
New York, NY 10013

The 38 floor structure was built in 1988, architect Kohn Pedersen Fox Assoiates. Before becoming Citigroup’s global headquarters, it was Shearson Lehman Plazz, the to Travelers Building.

During 9/11, the courtyard was used as a triage center. One of the subway stations is the Red Line #1 Franklin St.


Jun 29 2022

High Line Park, 2022

Surprise – it’s not too crowded in late June.


Jun 29 2022

Bus service

Bus 20G’s stop on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing. This is one of the Nassau Inter-Bounty Express Lines, outside of New York City. Daxi is pretty popular Sichuan cuisine restaurant.

Jun 27 2022

A letter from Lufthansa

A letter from Lufthansa. Are they pleading, asking for understanding? Is it necessary? I’m amused. So, here is the letter in its entirety, signed by CEO Carsten Spohr and down

Dear Ms. Eng,

Two tough years of perceived and actual grounding lie behind us in aviation. All our Lufthansa Group employees have been wishing for nothing more throughout than to finally be able to welcome you back aboard our more than 750 aircraft.

Unfortunately, however, as the Northern Hemisphere summer begins and with global travel restrictions now almost all lifted, everyone involved in aviation worldwide is reaching almost daily the limits of the resources that are currently available. And the ramp-up of the complex air transport system from almost zero to now almost 90 per cent is clearly not proceeding with the reliability, the robustness and the punctuality that we would like to offer you again.

We can only apologize to you for this. And we want to be completely honest: In the coming weeks, as passenger numbers continue to rise, be it for leisure or business travel, the situation is unlikely to improve in the short term. Too many employees and resources are still unavailable, not only at our infrastructure partners but in some of our own areas, too. Almost every company in our industry is currently recruiting new personnel, with several thousand planned in Europe alone. However, this increase in capacity will only have its desired stabilizing effect by the time winter comes.

In addition, the ongoing war in Ukraine is severely restricting available airspace in Europe. This is leading to massive bottlenecks in the skies and thus, unfortunately, to further flight delays.

In the summer of 2023, we not only expect to have a much more reliable air transport system worldwide. We will be welcoming you back on board our Airbus A380s, too. We decided today to put the A380, which continues to enjoy great popularity, back into service at Lufthansa in summer 2023. In addition to this, we are further strengthening and modernizing our fleets with some 50 new Airbus A350, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777-9 long-haul aircraft and more than 60 new Airbus A320/321s in the next three years alone.

We promise you that our more than 100,000 Lufthansa Group employees will be doing everything humanly possible to provide you with the best possible air travel experience in the coming weeks, even under the current difficult circumstances. And they will be doing all this with a commitment that deserves the highest respect, not only from us on our Group Executive Board.

So on behalf of all our employees, I sincerely hope that you feel very welcome on board after your return, which is something we have all been keenly awaiting. We thank you for your loyalty; and we hope we may count on your understanding, too, should your journey not yet go quite as expected or planned.

We are doing our utmost to again offer you the quality, the punctuality and the reliability that you can rightly expect from your Lufthansa Group airlines as soon as we possibly can.

Stay with us.

Signed by 7 chief officers, from CEO Carsten Spohr, to Customer Christina Foerster, Commercial Harry Hohmeister, operations Dr. Detlef Kayser, HR & legal Dr. Michael Niggemann, and financial Remco Steenbergen.

Jun 26 2022

Dallas BBQ, Rego Park

61-35 Junction Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11374

This branch is huge, on the ground floor of Rego Center, a busy Queens mall, right off the LIE 495.

The room temperature is comfortable, that you don’t need a shawl or light sweater for warmth, during the summer. Down jackets to battle the air conditioning in the summer and shorts to fight heat in the winter time, is part of life in US, very wasteful.

We’ve chicken steak ribs special, beef ribs and baby back. All are good.

This time, it has a female photographer.

Mall parking lot, no parking validation at this restaurant.

Before we left, I ordered two more to go: beef rib and hot rib …

I think I