May 11 2022

Gewandhaus, Leipzig’s concert hall

Augustuspl. 8,
04109 Leipzig, Germany

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This is the concert hall (Gewandhausorchester) of the city Leipzig, founded in 1781; adjacent to the university. Reportedly, its acoustics is excellent – I’m not a sound expert.

I was lucky to take in a concert Festkonzert Beethoven Plus during my 3-night stay there. The program/playbill:

  1. Beethoven Symphony #1
  2. Music to Goethe’s tragedy “Egmont”



May 10 2022

Leipzig University

Augustuspl. 10,
04109 LeipzigGermany

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This university was established on December 2, 1409 by two brothers Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (1370-1428) and his younger brother William II, Margrave of Meissen (1371-1425). It’s the second oldest one in Germany.

The main campus is in downtown, or the downtown is built around the campus, since 1409. It’s small, so is the city. The few days I was there, I walked.

After WWII, it was under East German and they demolished the main building in 1968. This photo on wiki shown the building in 1917.

Its facade is glassy modern, adjacent to Gewandhaus, their concert hall, which I was lucky to attend a thrilling classical performance.

It was well known for its math, which brought me here for my research.

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Paulinum is the new university church, embedded with the school. It was rebuilt on the site of the Paulinerkirche in 2007. The old church began in 1231, and was destroyed in 1968 by the East Germans.

May 10 2022

hans im glück – burgergrill bar

Augustuspl. 14,
04109 LeipzigGermany

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A cute chain restaurant / bar / grill, that I’ll def return, for a drink.

Location: excellent @ the plaza that hosts University, Paulinum and concert hall Gewandhaus.
indoor and outdoor seatings
Service: good
Food: ok

I was there on a Tuesday, a little before 12 noon. The place was empty. My lunch meal comes with a salad and a burger with not too fresh looking onion on a chipped plate. The beer is great, so is the coffee. Boy can I eat!

The ambiance is relaxed and tranquil, very enjoyable.

Looking out at the university, there are many BMWs and Benzs come and go. These are their ordinary cars but I do wonder what are they doing at school plaza?




May 10 2022

Mendelssohn: house & monument 

Goldschmidtstraße 12,
04103 Leipzig, Germany

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Unlike Bach House near by, Felix Mendelssohn the composer actually lived here from 1845 until his death in 1847. It holds a collection about his life and work.

It’s off the center of the city. There is a small garden, which’s nice.

… and his Denkmal / monument / Mendelssohn-Portal

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A new statue for this popular composer erected in 2008. it’s near the Bachhaus.

I LOVE his violin concerto in E Minor. He was Leipzig Gewandhauskapellmeister and founder of the Conservatory of Music.



May 10 2022

Bosehaus Bach House / Museum

Thomaskirchhof 15/16,
04109 Leipzig, Germany

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Bach lived in Leipzig. His home was a 16th century building but was destroyed at  the beginning of 20th century. The current location for a museum was a decision made in 1980s by the East German authority

The St. Thomas Church is two steps away 

May 9 2022

Leipzig Hbf


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The main train station is convenient, functional, and quieter than Frankfurt’s.

It has a Rewe on the lower level.

There are many shops, including a supermarket. Many hotels are just a few steps away, including mine. I arrived there at 9pm and have no problem. The city is very walkable.

I leave early a few days later, for 11am flight home from FRA – Frankfurt airport, again, all is well.

May 9 2022

Leipzig 莱比锡

Leipzig University, Germany


My last stop of the trip: spenting three nights in 2022, May 9 to 12.

I enjoyed it enormously.

The city has 605k people (2021 data), is the most populous in the state of Saxony, eight in the country. It was part of E Germany for a few decades. Their main train station Hbf is the largest in Europe, 100 miles (160 km) SW of Berlin, about 1:15 train ride.

I got there late in the night. Hotel Premier Inn is a short walk. When I tried to book one two days ago in May, most hotels were full. Around the train staton, which is at the NE of the city, there are many hotels.

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

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May 10 2019

St. Thomas Church

Thomaskirchhof 18,
04109 Leipzig, Germany

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St. Thomaskirche is beautiful Lutheran church in Leipzig, Germany. Martin Luther lectured in the church in 1539. Johann Sebastian Bach was its Thomaskantor (music director) from 1723 until his death in 1750. There were other composers associated with the church.

The church holds Bach’s remains. His house/museum is two steps away.