Feb 13 2022

Swan Lake @ njpac

1 Center Street
Newark, NJ

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is the home to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO). It was opened in 1997. The dark wood interior of Prudential Hall (2,800 seats) is elegant. 

Russian Ballet Theatre performed, didn’t impress me.  A family with two or three kids sat behind me was noisy, with talking or opening some sort of candy. My good lord.

Afterward, two swans came out into the freezing lobby for publicity: $20 for a photo with them. The girls are professional, very pleasant but the skinny line (almost all Russians) made my heart cringe – please make the environment more hospitable to the perfumers.

Yoyo Ma is prominently displayed there, even it was years ago. I also see Diana Krall‘s ad for her upcoming (April 3) concert. 

My other thought is: Will Putin invade Ukraine? 

👇 written by my friend 是小蜜写的: 没有在半夜12点以后坐通勤火车就不算在纽约待过吧.不反对商业演出里的互动,可是演出结束后叫主角站在大厅里和观众合影也该照顾一下温度吧,所有的出口大门敞开,我们穿着棉衣在厅里都凉嗖嗖的,看两个女孩冻得不行还要面带职业微笑,不人道.吃饭的时候指着河对岸说演出就在那吧!实际是2小时的演出来回用了8小时在路上.干杯🍻 [调皮][捂脸][呲牙]



Feb 13 2022

Penn of NJ

1 Raymond Plaza West & Market St.
Newark, NJ 07102

My first time taking a public transportation into New Jersey. Driving in NJ isn’t something I enjoy, getting lost is easy. Making an U turn for a wrong turn will take you several miles farther. So here the taste of NJ transit.


The ticketing lady at NY Penn Station is very nice, takes her time to explain to us. Apparently, njpac is in between two stations: Newark Board and Penn – yes, it’s called Newark Pennsylvania Station, which has more trains. We got off at Board and went home from NJ Penn, taking a clueless Uber- too late to walk.


From Board Station to njpac NJ Performing Art Center. Getting off needed all our attention because the ticker does NOT show the next station. What’s the point of having it then???

May 5 2017


2 2nd St @ Hudson Exchange
Jersey City, NJ 07302

A bar in New Jersey. This is an new American cuisine (whatever that means – probably healthier, more expensive …)/burger joint/ beer bar, on the Hudson River, looking over to Manhattan. Great view. Food is pretty decent. Their beer selection is huge but we ordered a bottle of red, oh well,

May 4 2017

Princeton Universtiy

In Princeton, NJ.


May 4 2017

Princeton Canoe & Kayak Rental

483 Alexander St
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 452-2403

Walking distance to Princeton Uni


May 4 2017

Big Fish

3535 US Hwy 1, Ste 370
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 919-1179

High ceiling, spacious, comfortable, average food. Our pit stop from Philadelphia back home, visiting a classmate, whom I haven’t seen since 1979.


Jul 4 2015

New York airports

New York area has three major airports: JFK/Kennedy, LGA/La Guardia and EWR/Newark in New Jersey. Getting around/to/from them isn’t easy because we don’t really have a direct rail, unless you count Jamaica.

So, let’s get over this as if we never knew what Bullet and Maglev is.

New York City/Manhattan has two major train stations that connect to subways and buses (none of them is connected to any airports directly):

  1. Penn Station @ 234 West 31st Street (8 Av & W 31 St), NY 10001 and
  2. Grand Central @ 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, (Lexington and Park/Vanderbilt avenues)

To/from the airports:

  1. JFK
    1. taxi
    2. AirTrain to Jamaica Station $5; then change to subways
    3. buses
  2. LGA
    1. taxi
    2. ?
  3. EWR
    1. Amtrak $28 – $57 to Penn Station in about 23 minutes
    2. taxi
    3. bus: CoachUSA $17;

It’s shameful, I know …


Dec 4 2012

Shiseido at Edgewater NJ; Crabhouse

Happy holidays fm Shiseido, at Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater New Jersey. Fm L to R: cream 1.4 oz US$1,000, day $250, toner $270, night $250, bar of soap $100. The sales girl assures me that I don’t need anything else. They last abt 5 months.
.. I think I’ll stick with my store brand Vaseline and baby lotion -:). More pix in the gallery

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Edgewater, NJ, 12/4/2012











May 30 1987

Sparta Lake, NJ

Nov 22 1986

Princeton 1986

Squirrel 🐿️ 松鼠, and tennis.