May 10 2015

An old man and a dog

Susquehanna State Park


2015.05.10 @ Susquehanna State Park

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May 10 2015

Havre de Grace

Philadelphia & DC

May 10 2015

Susquehanna State Park

A little town Havre de Grace, Maryland

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Apr 22 2011

DC, etc.

Two short trips to DC, one was meeting family members and the weekend after was for kids visiting schools.

April 9-11: Megabus;
K St NW;
Flowers and Auntie Lisa’s green thumbs;
An early dinner at Xus

April 19: Uni of Maryland
April 20: National Air and Space Museum; Washington Monuments; LOC; Georgetown Uni;
April 21: sea gulls at water front; Peabody;

Apr 21 2011

George Peabody 1795-1869 皮博迪

Peabody (1795-1869; 乔治