Nov 26 2018

Jade Belt Bridge & Marble Boat

Stephan Loewentheil of Brooklyn is a rare book/photo collector who’s a lot of 19th century photos of China. They’re having one right now, 120 original photos at Qinghua University, till March 2019.

These photos are taken at Summer Palace by Thomas Child who in May 1870,”was hired by the Imperial Maritime Customs Service to be a gas engineer in Peking (Beijing). The 29-year-old Englishman left behind his wife and three children to become one of roughly 100 foreigners living in the late Qing dynasty’s capital, taking his camera along with him. Over the course of the next 20 years, he took some 200 photographs, capturing the earliest comprehensive catalog of the customs, architecture, and people during China’s last dynasty. ”

This is an early photograph of Jade Belt Bridge, or Moon Bridge, LOCated on the grounds of the Summer Palace in Beijing on the western shore of Kunming Lake. The elegant high arch bridge is a traditional Chinese design. The arch was constructed high enough to allow passage of the Emperor’s dragon boat. On special occasions the Emperor and Empress travelled on Kunming Lake passing under this bridge.”

Child took this photograph of the Marble Boat, or the Boat of Purity and Ease, in the 1870s, after it suffered damage from the Second Opium War. Child noted: “At one time there was a summer house on it, but it has entirely disappeared.” The base of the boat is made of solid stone. It originally supported a traditional Chinese wooden pavilion that was burned down during the conflict in 1860. The pavilion was rebuilt in 1893, decades after this photograph was taken.”

The following two are taken by Qin Qiang on 2018.11.21


Btw, some the photos are at LOC – Library of Congress in DC. If you visit their site recently, you’ll see the Statement to commemorate the 13th Librarian, Dr. James Billington who passed away on November 21, 2018. He’d been with the LOC for 28 years and raised half a billion dollars in private support – he must be a charmer as well as an able administrator. The statement credited him with

  • doubled the size of the Library

Nov 24 2018

NYC library is packed

My goodness, the NYPL so packed that I’ve to wait on line to get in! The librarians are not too happy about this either.

Do the tourists know that we the locals do come here to do our research, read a book, newspaper, magazine, etc. … The reading room 315 is so so packed.

Walked a total of 8.4 miles ..

Nov 24 2018

New York arts – graffiti and doors


Nov 24 2018

The Flatiron Building

175 Fifth Avenue, Flatiron District neighborhood, Manhattan, New York City.

Nov 24 2018

Union Square Market

An excursion


Nov 24 2018

XO Kitchen

148 Hester St
New York

Will return.

No frills go to Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown. I only have the beef noodle 牛腩濑粉 and it tastes good. There are a few more tables in the back – so it

Nov 24 2018

Grace Church 菇瑞斯教堂

802 Broadway,
New York, NY 10003

It opened in 1846. An Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York.

More events on their web site.

More visits:


Nov 21 2018

A new office


Nov 18 2018

Inadequate service @ Toku

Here we go again … decent food but the service just isn’t there. I ordered Ginger martine and they brought Jamaica (with the pineapple). They served ice cream without a spoon. I waited. waited and waited. Finally I asked for one. They sent a soup spoon. My friends all got the soup spoons for theirs – I’m wondering maybe they use the same spoon for dessert? The little one is for coffee? I’d rather use the coffee spoon than the soup spoon.


Nov 17 2018

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

5th Ave (btw 50/51 streets)
New York, NY 10022

The sound of music, on Nov 17, 2018.

This Catholic Church, opposite from Rockefeller Center is the seat of the archbishop of New York. The construction started in 1858, dedicated on May 25, 1879.


The NY Diocese was founded by Pope Pius VII (1742-1823) in 1808.