Sep 30 2020

The eve of the Big Moon

The Mid Autumn Festive is next door, coincide with China’s National Day. Double happiness. After tennis, I went to catch some sunset.

Under the setting sun, the gazebo looks gorgeous


By 6, the tide is low

Sep 29 2020

Tanglewood 弹歌舞得

297 West Street
Lenox, MA 01240

Tanglewood is an art venue, mostly known for being the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It’s in Lenox and Stockbridge, the Berkshire Hills of western MA.

It’s dating back to 1930s. The first concerts was performances by New York Philharmonic Orchestra on August, 23, 1934 and was attended by FDR’s mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt. The NYPO would play a few more concerts that summer and returned for the second season in 1935. However, Conductor Serge Koussevitzky led BSO in 1936 and the venue eventually moved to Tanglewood in 1937. New York, as it seemed, lost out big time.

We first went there in 1996. My two toddlers enjoyed it enormously. The most endearing scene was when my two years old toddler heard Beethoven and began to dance to the music. We also discovered Sterling Vineyard‘s pretty delicious Chardonnay from their wine shop, next to the box office.

On our first visited, we stayed at the Ponds at Foxhollow (a timeshare) in Lenox, 3.5 miles from the main stage, Koussevitzky Music Shed.

The main venue is the Shed. The Seiji Ozawa Hall (who conducted BSO 1973-2002) was added in 1994, where pre concert performances were staged. The Linde Center opened in the autumn of 2019.

Sep 25 2020

Greens and flowers

The color of autumn … foliage is coming soon to this park.


Sep 25 2020

A sun set in the autumn

Another nice sunset at the park. One of the many tress has turned some color … foliage is coming.

Sep 20 2020


The half staff in the park is for Supreme Court justice RBG who passed away yesterday. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. … and a lady bug.

Sep 14 2020

Symbiotic @ Sunken Meadow

after the Labor Day … I’ve to say that the Sunken Meadow state park is one of my favorite. We did golf and swim.

… and more pix



Sep 8 2020

Sunken Meadow state park, 2020

A nice day out at Sunken Meadow, watching the sunset. But someone played music loudly.


… and some pix:

… and the sun set 29 seconds long

Sep 8 2020

Sept 2020


Sep 7 2020

On a Labor Day

This Labor Day is a slightly different from the past: we’re still in covid-19 pandemic. The sunset is as usual, beautiful. 

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Sep 6 2020

Flushing 法拉盛

The new Chinatown of New York. The old Chinatown in lower Manhattan (… used to be all Cantonese) is kind of fading out as Flushing rises.

Flushing is more of Mandarin speaking community. But lately, (perhaps since 2000, many other dialects are being spoken, such as Wenzhou …)

The Town Hall on the corner of Northern Blvd & Linden Place.

The building booms in 2010s. the page

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