Apr 28 2014

Ziegfeld Theatre

Spiderman 2 Premiered at
Ziegfeld Theatre/Bow Tie at 141 W 54th Street @ 6th Avenue



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Apr 27 2014

Wuwei 无为

I read this little article on Wuwei. 无为 in Anhui province. One of my ancestors passed away there.

Apr 23 2014

The bleeding hearts

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Apr 23 2014

Planting Fields State Historic Park

1395 Planting Fields Rd.,
Oyster Bay
Their web site
(other LI parks: Theodore Roosevelt‘s home at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay)

The Planting Fields’ golden shrimp plants (left) as the one (right) at Kew Gardens in London

A chilly and windy day. More pix on FB flowers and  others

Chinese Redbud

Chinese Redbud

The garden has 400 acres, belonged to W.R. Coe family.

The Camellia Greenhouse displays the largest collection of camellias in the northeast, and the Main Greenhouse has extensive collections of hibiscus, orchids, succulents, and seasonal displays. Coe Hall is the Tudor Revival residence of the Coe family and is open for guided tours from April to September.

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It’s a NYS park
(deeded to the state in 1949).

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Apr 22 2014

New York stories

New York has a reputation that precedes her.

For example, driving and parking.

This is a big city and parking is tight is the norm, no? Please show me which big city doesn’t have tight parking situation.

Many people, especially these who never visited or visited sporadically, thinks NYC people is rude and short tempered.

Are we?

I think NOT.

New Yorkers are cultured, courteous, kind, helpful and fair.

Below I’ll share some the stories that I experienced:

Story 1: I saw two Carmen, one at Met in NYC and one in San Fransisco’s opera house. NY one was by Denyce Graves (1964-), who was slim and beautiful. The production was short and sweet.  The SFO one was long, with two intermissions xxx

Story 2: one day someone rang my door bell, with his broken English, he told me, “Sorry I hit your car.”

He was the dry clean delivery man who came to our street often. Might have delivered mine in the past. I rarely parked on the street.

He left me his name and phone number, “Please let me know how much.”

A week later, he called: “How much?”

Ok, I finally called my car shop Joe and got a quote for $400. So he promptly sent a check.

A few weeks later, I got my car fixed. Joe the fixer asked what had happened. After my story and after fixing it, he said, “it’s $280.”

So little Irene called the hiter, “I’ll leave $120 check in the mailbox.”

Story #3. One afternoon I came out of Chase on Northern Blvd., a Korean man excitedly telling me, “that guy hit your car.”

There was a note on my windshield, with a name and a phone number. The only problem was, the phone number had only 9 digits.

“That’s him, that him…” the Korean man kept saying.

So I went over to the van, “Is this your phone number?”

“Yes and sorry I hit you. Call me with the repair.”

“But it has only 9 digits.”

“Oh, very sorry … here it is.”

Long story short, he lived near by and I went to his home to collect a check from his wife.

I never gave a second thought of going to his home. He didn’t seem to think twice to give out his home address, especially when he wasn’t home much of the time.

Why the world thinks the worldly New Yorkers are meant, and or to be scared of?

The bottom line is, IF you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. 最重要的是, 如果你能在纽约成功,那么你就可以在任何地方成功.


Apr 20 2014

The church on Bond Street and Stoner

A christening at the church.

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Apr 19 2014

A friend – squirrel

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Apr 19 2014

A kid urinates on the Hong Kong street

Couples let their daughter to urinate on the busy street (Nathan Road?), clashed with the locals:

孩子在香港街头小便 大陆夫妻与港人发生激烈冲突】画面中冲突现场十分混乱,大人相互指责,孩子大声哭泣。这对大陆夫妻抱起孩子推着婴儿车欲离去,被港人拉住婴儿车阻拦。孩子母亲反复强调

Apr 15 2014

Central Park on a rainy day

Central Park at 66th Street and
IMG_3288 IMG_3293 IMG_3295 IMG_3296

at 106th Street; riding bike; Astor ..

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Apr 15 2014

Silver Cup Studio and Park Ave

A rainy day. Many shows were shot here. The tulips on Park Avenue. Dolce & Gabbana.

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