Apr 12 2018

Gongyuan 江南贡院


A few minutes walk from Nanjing Dapaidang. Opposite from the museum. It’s rather small but the little sitting area at the rare is nice, looking out to the golden dragons on the wall. If you’re in a rush,visit the museum. This one cost 

Apr 10 2018

Gongyuan Museum



The combo ticket for both is 50; separately, left hand site is 25 and the museum is 40.

After reading Elman

Apr 10 2018


夫子庙景区 平江府店
48 Dashiba Road 大石坝街48号

Will return: old fashioned decor and delicious food. Service is good and efficient. An excellent place to have a quick bite and move on, in a convenient location.


Apr 10 2018

45-47 Changfu St

45 Changfu Street 常府街45号
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Getting off the green line at namesake station from the Presidential Palace 总统府. 45 Changfu Street is a residential apartment, the street level is a small supermarket. Thanks to the builder who left a plaque by the entrance.

Apr 10 2018

A day in Nanjing 一日游

What a day!

A glorious sunny Tuesday. An hour ride from Shanghai is super cool. But the nightmare begins the moment I showed my passport at the train station window, getting my tickets: wrong name – my cousin purchased it under my Chinese name.

Ending the day by going to the wrong train station. The rule of thumb is, sleeping trains are from the old staton. Oh well. The cab driver demanded

Apr 10 2018

Yishuan Tea House 义顺茶馆

168 Gongyuan Street 贡院街168号

This two story tea house restaurant is in the Confucius Temple Scenic Area (Pedestrian St.). It’s easy, quick bite and keep on moving. Food and service are ok but I have  wonderful companions – the young couple I met at the Palace 总统府. I think the Da Paidang 南京大排档 is better.


Apr 9 2018

Presidential Palace 总统府

292 Changjiang Rd
Nanjing, Jiangsu Sheng, 210002

After the Imperial Exam, I hop on the subway and get off at Daxinggong Station 大行宫 on Taiping N Road, to visit the Palace. As I’m walking toward the Changjiang Road half a block ahead, I ask a woman if she knows where the Presidential Palace is. “Follow me,” she says.

We cross Changjiang Road and turn to the right, the ticket office is a short walk ahead. After fighting to get my ticket which they require ID – hey people, I’m only visiting, not running for election!! But wain, I was born in China, that makes me … eligible to run for an office? (in 2020? ha ha.) I turn around to see the woman, who, unfortunately doesn’t have her ID with her, neither her children – too many heads for me to carry … but as I wait in line to get in, three teens come up to me, “Auntie, can you bring us in?” Kids under 18 go free. I got them in without any drama.

My main reason to come is due to my maternal great great grandfather Zhou Fu who oversaw the re-construction of the city after Taiping Rebellion put down in 1864. Little did he expect that decades later he would occupied the same compound he rebuilt as the Viceroy of Lianjiang in 1904-6 – not having the coveted jinshi degree was a good guess. This old photo from Andrew Hillier collection shown his predecessor Wei Guangdao was giving a lunch party in honor of Guangxu Emperor’s birthday on Aug 18, 1903. (Both Wei and Zhou’s next appointment was Viceroy of Min-Zhe. Before taking up his, Zhou was reappointed to Guangzhou (Canton) as the Viceroy of LiangGuang where he’d sign the Gold Loan of 1907 which was the reason that led me to Dr. Andrew Hillier, and discovered this photo.)

Not doing enough homework, as usual: IF I were to see this old picture before the trip, I’d taken one or two with the same angle. This one will do for now (another one). The larger marble boat is in the West Garden.

Zhou Fu’s son Xuexi was born in Nanjing in 1866 and went on to become the father of Chinese industry. He tangled up in the messy Kaiping mines with Herbert C. Hoover that yielded the trial of the century in London in 1905. Later he served two terms of Minister of Finance, under Yuan Shikai.

Between the East and West gardens/lakes is Xu Garden 煦园 where one of my uncles (Zhou Fu’s great grandson) was born and hence named – Zhou Xuliang graduated from the University of Edinburgh, became a famed English literature and philosophy transactor. The 1932 Nobel winner The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy was among his many works. The book 福尔赛世家 is

Mar 20 2017

Ssam Korean BBQ

1040 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

You come here to eat, with gusto. Authentic and down to earth atmosphere (no frill). Friendly and energetic young male waiting staff. The parking lot is small and can get busy easily. Another name for this restaurant is veggie wrap: aside from the usual romaine and lettuce, they offer mint (so large and round, very pretty), rice flour sheets, seaweed and even parsley, pretty neat. It’s my first time to eat white/colorless kimchi. They also offer the egg pot and kimchi pot are on the house. I’ll return.


Jul 16 2015



Jul 15 2015

Linzi school 林梓

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