May 26 2023

Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine

108 S Park Ave
Winter Park/Orlando, FL 32789

Will return.

We came for the NCAA tennis championships at Lake Nona’a USTA. Only an hour into the matches, rain came done. So we decided to have lunch.

Beautiful lighting features – I’m wondering if the Tiffany lamps got its inspiration from -:) – arts has no borders.

I tried their national drink Raki (Maotai to China?) – which is an alcoholic – snaps – made of twice-distilled grapes. Not bad. The namesake lager is good too.

The food is delicious, especially the rice : kind of like Chinese oil rice, the most delicious. According to the staff, it made with very little oil. They saut

Sep 21 2022

Nuts Factory

630 Old Country Rd,
Garden City, NY 11530

Wandered into this store by the beautiful nuts, which is in the Roosevelt Field.

The nuts? Really good: fresh. Much better than the store bought.

I’m a fan now.


Sep 20 2022


1980 Northern Blvd
Manhasset, NY 11030

Today there is a slight change of scenery: many tall and fit Caucasian young men are around, and they’re offering champagne, whisky and more.
“What’s the occasion?”
“Oh we’re promoting new line …”
Perhaps the young men are the marketing team, sunny, upbeat and energetic.

I got my little perfume bottle and funnel cleaned on the spot. The woman informed me, that in the future, they’ll have to send out to clean since its not jewelry and cost $40.


Sep 20 2022

Beijing Duck @ O Mandarin

Came here for a late lunch. Service is the same, adequate; food is decent, price is reasonable and presentation is very good. We ordered the Peking Duck and it came within 20 minutes, so it’s heating up job. (Some restaurants require pre-order, claiming they need time to prepare and cook.) They carved the bird in the kitchen, and brought out on two small plates. Long Island ducks are small -:) Not memorable at all. However, the sides are really good: thinly shredded cucumber and scallions, with the appropriate thin crepes – many restaurants use yeast steamed buns/bread 发面馒头 which is a major crime. They don’t offer duckie’s bone soup but you can bring it home – most times, diners ask to have the bone soup and some even use the duck meat to stir fry with garlic chives 韭黄, but not here. They threw is away unless you ask.

  • The Grand Jardin is pretty good
  • pot sticker 大连 very good
  • spicy shrimps – really good
  • lamb chop – so so
  • Emperor’s Cabbage – ok


Sep 4 2022

Great Neck Wines Spirits

13 N Station Plaza
Great Neck, NY 11021

This wine store has been there for ages. And recently we shopped there for a few times, realizing that the old store owner was gone. Two Chinese men manning the store. When I asked where the curly hair man was, one of them said, “Oh, the boss is from China.”

The other wine shop at the Garden Zheng Brothers Wine Liquor is also owned by Chinese – don’t know if by the same owner.

They did a decent renovation of the store, which is nice, injected some life into the small space.

Sep 4 2022

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

20 S Station Plaza
Great Neck, NY 11021

Fake flowers … ehhhhh

The last time we were there, was a different restaurant, under different name.

This one’s decor is pleasant. One lady serves the room. I’ve a partial view of the one monitor that’s on, I ask her to change to US Open which she did. Although I’ve full view of the other two monitors but she didn’t offer to turn either of them on. I would have stayed longer with more drinks.

Food: big portion but yummy. The green sauce is devious.


Aug 30 2022

Ramen Totem

69 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

They’re open. Will return.

A new owner (?) opened at the same location with the same name (?)

We’ve lunch here before heading off to the US Open

  • Spice beef 夫妻肺片
  • Sticky rice 烧麦
  • Xiaolong juice buns 小笼包
  • Fish noodles

Other than Sticky rice 烧麦 isn’t what it is, the rest are fine. Not too spicy.

Street parking.

Aug 28 2022

New Fu Run 賦润东北美食

50 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

This is my go to Chinese restaurant in town. Always the same table -:)

I like what they wrote in Chinese in the bathroom that please only take (the paper) what you need.

Service is good. Although the food is on the sweet side but they’re generally very good. We’ve

  • Eggplant with basil 九层塔烧茄子
  • Shredded pork 京酱肉丝
  • Pork joint in garlic sauce 鱼香扒肘子
  • Shiraz, house red

Street parking and a parking lot in the back.

Aug 25 2022


113A Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

Won’t return – very uncomfortable chair – what the hell! They’re more than half empty. My back hurts.

This Mediterranean restaurant has been opened for a while, next to the Squire Cinemas (1935-2020) movie theater, which had been there for eight decades but closed two years ago.

We ordered four small plates

  1. Eggplant – very good, served in a chipped bowl
  2. Chickpea fritter – great
  3. Octopus – ok
  4. Artichoke Malawach – pizzaish: topping is good, crust is sweet.

Spacious bathroom. Street parking.


Aug 21 2022

Kai Burgers & Dumplings

7 S Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

Will return.

A nice little eatery with a vodka and whisky bar (no wine ). A side from the bar food, they also serve dumplings, with good vinegar (not sweet!), which we came here for: not bad, the chives are very fresh. Will return for more. Wish them luck, to survive long term.

Pretty floor tiles. Street parking.