Sep 30 2018


68 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11020

Will return.

This is a small Japanese resturant, with neat wood and pipes decors, recycling? Great! Food and service are good, clean bathroom (the hook..). Like their varied tableware.

It’s Sunday night, all dinners are Asian except our table (minus me ha ha ha). At time, the noisy is deafening.

For the past couple of years or so, I noticed the soy sauce on the table are low sodium, and they used to be in green caps, to indicate the low status, but now they’re hard to tell. Not sure why – healthy? But is the low sodium healthier than the regular soy sauce?

Also, the disposable chopsticks, inside a sealed paper pouch. I really don’t like them but it seems more and more restaurants are using them. There are many kinds of chopsticks that are easy to clean… Save our world!

Street parking, free after 6pm. There are parking lots nearby.



Sep 29 2018

Sunrise @ Manhasset Bay

6:55 am

The first photo was taken at 6:42 and followed by 6 sets of tennis. The light makes all the difference. Manhasset Bay goes out to the Long Island Sound. The City Island, a good place to watch sunset is to her northwest.


Sep 28 2018

Into a church on a rainy Friday


Sep 24 2018

A hiking trail @ Sunken

Parking field 4 @ Sunken Meadow park along the Sunken Meadow Creek, with two bridges. We did a little picnic.



Sep 24 2018


Some treasures at the Sunken Meadow Park. It’s very windy, plenty whitecaps in the Sound.


Sep 24 2018

Sunken Meadow State Park

1 Sunken Meadow Pkwy
Kings Park, NY 11754

2020: symbiotic

This is a beautiful park, with a 3 miles long sandy beach (being on the North Shore of Long Island) and a little hills in the back. The new boardwalk is 3/4 mile long. Its total area is 1,287-acre (5.21 km2), with a 27-hole golf course. We walked a total 5 miles/15,004 steps -:)

Their site map in pdf.

– the hiking trail
the catering hall
– the vegetation
– the treasure hunt

A cloudy day for the moon festival. Probably won’t see it tonight.

Oh well. Next time!

Sep 24 2018

The vegetation

The greens at the Sunken Meadow are varied, many different species.

Come to sit with me.


Sep 24 2018

The Pavilion

The catering hall (event/wedding) is by Lessings, at the west end of the boardwalk @ Sunken Meadow park. Tents on either side of the hall.



Sep 21 2018


How do you like scriptures that are pilled up with losses stones found on the near by ground?

Sep 15 2018


14 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, NY

Decent decor. Wines. Clean bathroom. A nice little bar and wine glasses. Average food & presentation for their price range. Noisy (!) Inattentive service. On site parking.

Food: Asian, from sushi to Beijing Duck.

Wine and drink: if the waiting staff can’t handle a wine list, it’s better to just have house wine. Same goes to cocktails. My neighbor ordered a dirty martini – very basic – who repeaded a few times, “very dirty with olives on the side.” I would have helped her (all staff or at least the few I saw are Chinese) but the noise level were so high, I didn’t want to shout, beside, she wasn’t too friendly. Yet, the 3 olives were inside the glass. The sake was hot and she just put it on the table without pouring the first cup. It’s so hot my neighbor had to use a napkin to hold the bottle to pour. I like their wine glass over the martini glass.

Armpit: one of my companions said she gets server’s armpit all the time here. I sat on the bench (it’s loose …) and saw it up close. Oh boy.

It’s Saturday evening. At 6:30 it’s 1/3 full but by 7, is filled to the brim, and hard to get our server’s attention. I understand. But when the server saw me raising my hand she ignored me, this’s not cool.

Soy sauce: the cute jar didn’t indicate what kind of soy sauce – regular or low sodium.
“Is this low sodium soy sauce?” I asked.
“Yes.” She the server replied.
“May I have the regular?”
We were group of 9. One of them didn’t hear my conversation (too noisey!!!) and asked her for the same while she’s at our table.
“That’s the regular.” She told him.

Service stands: two of them were there, next to a table full of diners the entire time I was there. The staff piled dirty tableware in them as well as fresh meals out of kitchen for serving. What are they thinking?!