Oct 23 2020

Crew @ Cedarmere

It was a cloudy day but the sun showed up in the afternoon.

The park was pretty lively: a group of young girls taking photos of themselves; a picnic couple; a guy with a heavy-duty black thermo – for coffee? A yogi, and a few couples and a couple of singles – one young kid was smoking weed.

Oct 18 2020

New York’s first pier

The first pier was constructed in 1659. By 1770, NY was the breadbasket of the Atlantic, shipping wheat to Europe, the West Indies and down the coast. By the end of the American Revolution War, the NY port was fourth in terms of cargo tonnage.

Oct 15 2020

Planting Fields Arboretum

I’ve visited this state park in the spring of 2014. Today’s weather, is as gorgeous as last Friday’s when we visited Bayard Cutting Arboretum. Some the memorable corners at the park, the Coe Hall, the Manor House and the little cottage at the rectangle fountain, and the Alphabetic City.

As to the two arboretums, each has her unique advantages: Planting Fields is more of an arboretum while Bayard Cutting is more of a park on the water – maybe if I visit it again during the season, I would have different impressions. We also stopped by

The purple peas and the hanging baskets 高高在上

The Dahlia garden: the beautiful flowers remind me to dream of Georgia O’Keeffe. The foursome reminds me of the flowers at the Buddhist temples – so perfect, almost fake.


The Hoffman visitor center and caf

Oct 15 2020

The Alphabetic City

At the Planting Fields.

Oct 15 2020

The Coe Hall

At the Planting Fields Arboretum, the home of William Robertson Coe. He was a railroad and insurance executive, husband of Mary “Mai” Huttleston, daughter of Henry H. Rogers, of Standard Oil fortune. The chimneys are pretty striking, and the lawn is great for yoga.

The mansions on Long Island Gold Coast are not as nicely kept as the ones at Rhode Island, where strong stream of tourists support.


Oct 15 2020

The little cottage 

The cute little cottage by the rectangle fountain, near the Coe Hall at the Planting Fields.


Oct 15 2020

The Manor House

At Planting Fields. It’s closed to the public but some staff are there. The white house looks in need of renovation and up keeping. Many areas in the park have Abelia x grandiflora (Glossy Abelia), the same semi-evergreen shrub as mine, in the front yard.


Oct 15 2020

Garvies Point County Preserve

This is a park day. After Planting Fields, we come here to Glen Cove to visit and did some on the stud yoga. The beach has lot of cement which is sticky and elastic. There are a few stones/boulders from 18,000 years ago during the most recent advance of the continental glaciers. These boulders are called erratics due to the fact that they came from so far away, totally not expected here, geologically.

Oct 15 2020


225 Bryant Ave,
Roslyn, NY 11576

Dec 2021; bypass  Mar 2021the crew & foliage Oct 2020.

I pass by this little park and wonder numerous times on my way to Sea Cliff. Today finally stopped by after Planting Fields, unplanned. This seven-acre site was the home of was poet and civil leader William Cullen Bryant’s country home. There are three small parking lots: one by the house in the middle, is for the staff; one on the southern end, by the bridge, which the Gothic Revival style Mill is in between, and one on the northern end, with a portable bathroom. Many flowers are still blooming.


Oct 15 2020

Gothic Revival Mill

At Cedarmere, the last stop of the day.


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