Jan 23 2012

Corner 28 旺角

135-36 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355

Mong Kok 旺角 (Prosperous Corner) is a well known shopping area in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It’s fitting that this eatery calls itself 旺角, straddling on Main and 40th Road.

~ After moving inward, to 40th Road, they finally closed in first quarter in 2022.

I went to swim in the morning, 9am on the dot. The pool wasn’t crowded at all. I had the lane to myself till the 18th lap. I was out of the building and into my car by 10am. No complain.

Driving into heart of Flushing at that hour was already slow. I sat in the traffic on Maple Avenue for a bit longer. As I waited for the traffic light to turn on Main Street, the SUV to my left parked first toward the Main Street left, I took it immediately and feeling lucky.

Putting a meal on the table isn’t a piece of cake, especially during the holidays. Chinese lunar new year is coming up. The shops are chaotic and overly crowded. This is the first time that I shopped in Flushing, a little Chinatown in Queens during the Chinese New Year. Hmmm actually it’s the new year eve.

把菜饭放到桌子上 并不容易,尤其是在假日期间。这是我十几年来第一次在法拉盛 – 皇后区的一个小唐人街 -在 中国新年期间在购物。其实是除夕

I like to buy the meat at Corner 28 but never seen the line queuing out side. It’s unreal. I past the end of the line, then stopped dead, asking “don’t tell me you’re on line for the meat?”

Guess I was right, they’re. I took a little video and went to buy the meat at ChaoZhou Restaurant instead. It’s almost empty at that hour.

While waiting to pay, a Mom said to me, “we’re buying the same stuff just different day ..” I agree. But again, how many more new years we get to spend with our children – one is already in college and Pumpkin is off this September? This may be the last one .. before we get to spend with them again. I’m happy that they’re independent but a little nostalgia at the same time .. ..