May 29 2022

Heritage Farm & Garden

6050 Northern Blvd.
Muttontown, NY 11732

Me, going to a nursery lol … and seeing a McLaren: both occurrences are rare, for me.

去苗圃 太阳一定是从西边出来了[呲牙]

It’s across the street from Muttontown Club where I used to play tennis. Every time I went, I said to myself that I’d visit this nursery but every time I was tight on time; and after playing, all I wanted to do was to go home.

I’m glad that I finally visited it. It has everything you need and plenty more, birdies and chickens. I spotted a few greens/plants and or flowers that I like:

Cornstalk dracaena
Aluminium plant


May 29 2022


2105 Northern Blvd
Manhasset, NY 11030

This chain restaurant has been here for ages. We stopped by for a late lunch when in the area and wanted Japanese (Is Yamaguchi in Port Washington now open for dinner only?)

Should have gone else.

Service is so so, so is the food. Two soups that comes with sashimi are ok – miso and onion soup. The foyer is dirty by the time we left.

When we done eating, have to wait for a long time for our bill, as if they’ve forgotten that we were there. Getting their attention is pretty hard to accomplish.

The handheld credit card machine is a plus. The tip starts at 18%. It’s my first time, under her watchful eyes, I changed it to less. It’s not difficult to do.

On disposable chopsticks : why are we still using them? I took it out of the paper pouch, and break them apart, and wiped them on my red napkin. Shockingly, I saw white marks. What are these white marks? How sanitized are these disposables and are they really good for our health?!?


May 20 2022

Caumsett in 2022

There is a little change in the park, from the hill of the Caumsett Hall down the rather steep hill, to the Sound is blocked. One has to  detour from the side of the Hall.

There are many boaters in the pond, perhaps kids because yellow school buses parked nearby.

We tried a new route to the park, from Snake Hill Road. As the name implies, it’s narrow, hilly and twisty.

… a few more photos

Lloyd Harbor Police Department @ 380 W Neck Rd, Huntington, NY 11743 is tiny but they pay a huge salary to their force: $350,000