Jan 29 2018

Bayside Volvo Volkswagen Services Center

31 Watermill Ln
Great Neck, NY 11021
(516) 348-2500

I like this place – nice people, good service (although I don’t know what they did to my car – $100 to change oil – but it still running, so all is good). They just changed two new computers, the waiting room is airy and nice, stuffed with fruits, water, etc. They’re always accommodating.

Too bad this location doesn’t sell cars – (I bought fm the Long Island dealer and they’re not good … just like the car salesmen!!), too bad they don’t serve other cars.

Jan 29 2018

Masago Japanese

324 Great Neck Rd,
Great Neck, NY 11021

Haven’t been here for ages, not sure it’s the same owner/management. For a while my kids frequented it as high schoolers, for the inexpensive menu.

Love their music – Beethoven’s 6th Pastoral is playing – holy molly pls keep the classical on and up!

Christmas tree with unopened gifts (ho ho ho he he) is standing tall. Three skylights… Food and service is fine.

Mind you there is Volvo/Volkswagen service center -:) a block away, with a decent waiting room; or a few door north is a Bentley ….


Jan 28 2018

… Tourists @ Japanese Airport

I found two posts on People.com.cn (人民日报/人民网) dated January 26, and more:

  1. 18:41 日本机场滞留中国游客归国 使馆提醒理性对待突发情况
  2. 21:00 滞留日本中国游客今抵沪 我驻日使馆: 遇突发情况理性维权
  3. 17:24, SCMP Chinese budget airline passenger held over brawl at Japanese airport – 2016 SCMP and more
  4. mothership Stranded Chinese tourists clashed with Japanese police at Tokyo

Jan 18 2018

New York 纽约 the Big Apple

Beijing is where I was born. New York is where I chose to live: the best place on earth, and it’s the longest place I’ve lived. Loving her is so easy.

Here is the Manhattan vibe:
🌳 The European charm of the West Village
🎻 The abundant culture of the Upper West Side
🎨 The bohemian buzz of the East Village
🕰 The timeless elegance of the Upper East Side
🌉 The majestic views of Washington Heights

Some photos I saw online

The follow few videos are memories from Apple Photos


Jan 13 2018

Briciola, a wine bar

370 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019

Probably won

Jan 3 2018

Ruby Indian restaurant

25 middle neck road
Great Neck ny 11020

New, tasty food and bit tacky decor. I ordered take out:
goat curry – could be bit more render
Chicken ruby – bit over cooked
Kurkuri bhindi chaat – fried okra

The garlic naan bread is ok

My order must have sat for a while even I said I

Jan 1 2018


12.11 @ Low

Nov 3 @ Wilderstein

Nov 4 sunset

11.04 library

11.03 FDR

10.05 @ NYBG

10.05 @ NYBG

10.05 @ Lotus Pond

10.05 at 6:18 pm @ City Island

7:19 am, 9.29 @ Manhasset Bay

9.24 @ Sunken M

9.24 @ Sunken M – the end of the world

9.15 740 am

8.08 Hudson

8.08 on the Hudson

7.21 @ Green-wood

7.21 @ Green-wood

6.21 12:12 pm

6.14, 9:31 am

4.13 TJ

4.13 Tianjin

Nanjing @ 4.10

3.09 @ NYBG

3.09 @ NYBG

March 7, 5:49pm

March 8, 8:43am

the Quad @ Stanford, 2.10

Getty 2.09

SD Zoo 2.09

SD Zoo 2.09

Atlanta aquarium #1 really? 2.03