Wanghailou @ Tianjin

Église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires
望海楼天主堂 Seaview Tower
292 Shizilin St, Hebei Qu,
Tianjin, China, 300143

This site that housed this Gothic Revival architecture has survived centuries of turmoil. An imperial palace 皇帝行宫 was built in 1773 by the salt merchants.

  • 1773, developed, an imperial palace was built
  • 1862, Jean-Joseph-Léon Talmier 卫儒梅 obtained it from Chonghou 崇厚
  • 1866, 法国神父谢福音 demolished 崇禧观 to build church ..
  • 1869, French Catholic built this brick-timber structure church
  • 1870, Tianjin Massacre, destroyed
  • 1900, Boxer Uprising, destroyed
  • 1976, Tangshan earthquake, damaged


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