Sep 30 2015

Martinelli Vineyards

3360 River Road,
Windsor, CA

The vineyard is a little unkempt. The workers are living on the site. During harvest they put temp workers on sites too. Most tastings don’t provide snacks.

IMG_1742 IMG_1738 IMG_1744 IMG_1750 IMG_1748 IMG_1752

Rose detects the disease ahead of the grape vines.

IMG_1757 IMG_1753 IMG_1767 IMG_1770 IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1779 IMG_1776

file 32833

Sep 30 2015

HKG Estate Wines

6050 Westside Rd,
Healdsburg, CA 95448

We didn’t do tasting here but purchased picnic lunch. The shop has wide selection of goodies. This candle holder must made from barrel?

IMG_1731 IMG_1730 IMG_1728 IMG_1719 IMG_1718 IMG_1729 IMG_1727 IMG_1724 IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1721 IMG_1720

file 32831

Sep 30 2015

Rochioli Vineyards

6192 Westside Rd,
Healdsburg, CA 95448

We were running 10 minutes late. We called ahead. It’s a Wednesday in late September. Our appointment was at 11 am. Yet, when we walked in at 11:16, the older woman, who was entertaining two ladies without appointment (we later found out), said to our face:

“I canceled you.”

How lovely.

A younger woman, Kate or Cate, came out of the office and took us. Better off for us. We had picnic there afterward.

It has two lines of wines: Estate and Single vineyard (very limited production). We bought their 2013 Valdiguie (Estate) to dinner.

IMG_1681 IMG_1677 IMG_1685 IMG_1684 IMG_1689 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1692 IMG_1696 IMG_1695 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1704 IMG_1705 IMG_1732 IMG_1734 IMG_1737 IMG_1700

Sep 30 2015

Sonoma, CA

Sonoma is grider than Napa but its vineyards are just as charming. Their town square is very nice, so is their town square – Sonoma Square. All the clothing shops there look old, not antique but out of date, ugly.

Drive by shooting

IMG_1817 IMG_1816 DSCN7891

Sep 30 2015

The Girl & The Fig

image 110 W Spain St
Sonoma, CA 95476-5696

A pretty charming, down to earth  restaurant by the charming town square. (Across street from El Dorado Kitchen) Service and food are good. My duck leg was soft but too sweet for my taste.

The corkage fee is only $18. We’ve the Rochioli’s 2013 Valdiguie. My review on trip advisor.

image image image image image image image image image

Sep 29 2015

Benicia, California

One of two AirBnBs we stayed during week long trip, on the water. It’s northeast of San Francisco, south of Napa.

The town looks working class.

downtown + Benecia Point
West K Street
Twelfth Street Park
Ninth Street Park & Commodore Jones Point are nearby

Sep 29 2015

Ninth Street Park

At Alvarez park, Benicia. Very close to our AirBnB. A crane?

Something old?




Sep 29 2015

A crane?

at the 9th St park.
DSCN7492 DSCN7493 DSCN7494 DSCN7495 DSCN7496 DSCN7497

Sep 29 2015

West K Street

In Benicia, between 9th St and 12th St parks. The 4 custom homes for sale is near 1023 West K Street.
DSCN7515 DSCN7516 DSCN7517 DSCN7518 DSCN7519 DSCN7520 DSCN7521 DSCN7522 DSCN7524 DSCN7523 DSCN7525 DSCN7526 DSCN7527 DSCN7529 DSCN7530

Sep 29 2015

Twelfth Street Park

Matthew Turner Shipyard Park (12th St?) at Benicia, northeast of San Francisco. A short walk from our AirBnB.

DSCN7500 DSCN7501 DSCN7502 DSCN7503 DSCN7504 DSCN7506 DSCN7507 DSCN7510 DSCN7512 DSCN7513 DSCN7498 DSCN7499