Aug 29 2010

Europe 1982

With my less than ideal travel document DI, I was able to secure an visa to United Kingdom. It’s issued on July 8, 1982 (use by Oct 8, 1982). Upon arrival on Sept 23, the immigration officer at Gatwick granted me two months stay. I left London on Nov 20 to Milan; then took train to Venice, Florence and down to Rome for a week: Nov 20-27. The Italian visa was obtained in London, issued on 16 Nov 1982 (use by Nov 30, 1982). Then I went to Athens for two days (Nov 27 and 28) and took the Thai airline home. The plane stopped by Bankok, dropped off and picked up few passengers. When we finally landed in Hong Kong, it was nearing mid night. The airport was deserrted but there were plenty police. As if they were expecting a drug bust.
Most people were in shorts and t-shirts, except me, in a winter coat because I wasn’t feeling well.
So, the custom officers picked on me.
They searched my small carry on luggage thoroughly – I always travel light. One agent played nice cop and other bad. They looked at the heels of my shoes, poked my napkins .. then decided to send me to a room.
I was kind of sleepy and clueless.
I waited in the cold room for a while, a female agent came in and asked me to jump over a small chair (?).
That was some memorable conclusion of a trip.