Oct 28 2019

Wuhan 武汉

It’s the capital of Hubei province with 11 million people. The three cities (武汉三镇) made up Wuhan are: Wuchang 武昌, Hankou 汉口 and Hanyang 汉阳. When mentioning Wuhan, its bridge (wiki) comes to my mind easily. And Chairman Mao’s swim across the river. Amount numerous historical events, are Wuchang Uprising (wiki) that established PR China in 1912. Not sure Li Na, a native who won two grand slams (French’11 and Aussie’14) could count historical but it’s an event for me. And most recently, the corona virus.

Two wiki photos: 1864 map and the foreign concessions on Hankow Bund c. 1900.