May 30 2015

CJ Sullivan’s in Bayside

Let’s go Mets with the Budweiser -:). Baseball is for the summer.
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May 30 2015

Lake Pavilion

60-19 Main St,
Flushing, NY 11367 (off LIE)

Dependable food and service. However, for party in their rooms, the space is always an issue – very very tight. For the walnut shrimp, less mayo should taste better. They offer some exotic dishes.
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May 28 2015

The first BBQ

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May 28 2015

The Guest of Honor @ the BookExpo America

The stamp exhbit is at the Collectors Club.

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May 28 2015

B & H

420 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10001
The famous camera store on 9th Avenue at 34th Street.

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May 28 2015

Madison Avenue


May 26 2015

Smith & Wollensky


… and the Warren Buffett effect

I went there with three Chinese friends who don’t eat steak often. Their manner is a little out of the place and their English is even worst than Irene’s.
A few years ago, the investment guru Buffett went there for lunch (mind you, Bill Gates is as popular, if not more, as Leonardo DiCaprio) … So it’s popular with the Chinese. And the restaurant has added many Chinese serving staff lately. Asian patrons are on the rise, well, as well as the usual suspects.
I enjoyed its service and food. Nothing really stands out from other good steak houses in the city. They retain all male serving staff – Palm added young waitresses … call me anything you want but I prefer the good ol boys who looked like been doing it for all their lives.
Tonight, our waiter Mr Big Belly was being short – I think I could tell short from efficient.
One of my friends brought his own loose leaves tea – some tea connoisseurs just crave their tea. Four cups with hot water came.
No, I was thinking of a nice little tea pot. This might not be his fault.
A little tea pot finally came. BUT no one made an effort to empty our cups. How did they expect us to drink the tea from the pot?? This was really inattentive service. This isn’t an Outback Steakhouse?
Ordering food. Mr Big Belly came back haughtily recited the specials which were on our table.
In my broken English Irene ordered a porterhouse.
“You know that’s for two?” Mr big belly demanded.
“Yes.” Little Irene replied.
“It’s $114.” He said.
Thoughts occurred in my mind
..1 what did other Asians do to him?
..2 did he think that I thought I could leave his little eatery with $50 in payment?
..3 he’s a jerk on daily basis?
,,4 I looked like a jerk … Dummy … Fob … -:)
Anyway I ordered the wine after placing the meal order.
“I’ve two sommeliers,” he announced.
Big deal. But I only wanted the Chateau Berliquet’s St. Emilion. For this, I didn’t dare to bother their sommelier. Gosh. I had good time ordering the wine using my finger to underline the wine just like a fob would do.
The friend who suggested this restaurant said to me, “this place is pretty noise.” I knew exactly why he said that.
My filet mignon was better than the porterhouse. The sides, Cajun potato was great but the asparagus were too rough near the root – they need to cut off more.

Money doesn’t have color, so please treat us equally.

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May 25 2015

Evergreen Shanghai restaurant

10 E 38 Street


Been there so many times, a go to place: good food and decent service. It’s big for large party too.


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May 25 2015


The Jap-inspired boutique hotel, on Park at 38th Street.
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May 25 2015

The Cloisters 修道院

99 Margaret Corbin Drive,
Fort Tryon Park

A wonderful place to visit, over looking the Hudson River. The admission $25 gives you the privilege to visit the Met on the same day.
It’s specializing in European medieval architecture, sculpture and decorative arts. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. acquired the collection in 1925, and further extended. In 1931, he purchased current land at Washington Heights and built what its the Cloisters now.

在纽约上城的这个修道院是以欧洲中世纪建筑,雕塑和装饰艺术为主. 小约翰