Jun 9 2014

The old fashioned bakery

In the muslin quarter in Zhangjiakou.
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Jun 9 2014

Yunquan Temple 云泉古寺 the ordeal

Zhangjiakou‘s main temple that gets busy on January 15 every year.

More pix on piwigo

2014-06-09 Zhangjiakou

2014-06-09 Zhangjiakou, fm 云泉古寺

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Jun 9 2014

Zhangjiakou 张家口

A little horsey goes on the highway. More pix on piwigo.

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Jun 9 2014



Jun 9 2014


@ Yunquan Temple 云泉古寺

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Jun 9 2014

Yoga 张家口

My little yoga on top of the Yunquan Temple 云泉古寺  also on piwigo


image image image IMG_7076 G IMG_7075 IMG_7057