Nov 27 2015

Nanxiang xiaolong bao 南翔小笼包

38-12 Prince St,
Flushing, NY 11354

It’s always good to see the businesses you frequent prosper. This little eatery
had one room when I started going there. They had lines. They planed to expand to Little Neck, the address of the new shop was even printed on the envelop of the chopsticks. I was quite looking forward to it. But they didn’t. Instead they took over the room next to it. Then they added another room on the other side.

Their juicy dumplings taste better than Joe’s Shanghai.

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Nov 23 2015

4 shades of autumn in a day

image image image image


dinning room window

Nov 18 2015


The 2nd day of touring Long Island, starting from Islip.

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Nov 17 2015


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Nov 17 2015

Pace’s Steakhouse

325 Nesconset Hwy
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 979-7676

City price, country manner.

Maybe a little harsh for a place that serves decent food and has decent service. And I was glad to find a decent place out there. The warm spinach salad with mushroom and bacon was good, almost like the Chinese way of cooking. I wondered how did they do it without any juice leaking out? The lamb was good. Duckling was bit too dry tho.

image image

Unbeknown to us, Tuesday is their 50% off day. Wine over $100 a bottle is half off. Funny the Business Insider has The most overpriced items on the menu, according to chefs on 11/15. By the time we left, 8pm, it’s packed. Most diners wore suits. From the Computer Associates?

Ok, strike 1: I don’t quite like valet parking. They’re in Islandia where land is, relatively, inexpensive. So why can’t the diners park their own car? I dislike when the valet move my settings. I’m short. But do you really have to adjust? The valet was no more than 5’7″, not much taller than I’m.

Strike 2, not many restaurants provide mouth wash but they do. Great. However, the mouthwash was in a plastic container with a label pasted on it. And the cups are humongous – the regular drinking cup. Hello, can’t you use the mini size cup that’s for mouthwash? I’ve seen the gigantic mouthwash container at the dentist offices. Why bother to change?

Strike 3, the garlic butter asparagus was ok, if they trim the top more would be better.


Nov 17 2015

Crab Meadow Park

Years ago, the New York Times reported on the dating scene at Cunningham Park in the afternoons. When I pulled into the parking lot at this beach, there were cars, all parked facing the water like I did. And everyone had a driver. I was surprised. Then a little scary. Then the water puts me at ease.

Whatever happens, happens. These pix were taken by iPhone.

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Nov 17 2015

Cold Spring Harbor

A wonderful day for pictures. These are taken around 1:44pm, by iPhone.

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Nov 17 2015

Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve

Marshall Field III’s property, by iPhone. Caumsett means “place by sharp rock”.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Nov 17 2015

Caumsett in 2015

The entrance of the Park

IMG_2502 IMG_2496 IMG_2497 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2475

Marshall Field III

Nov 15 2015

Windows to the world

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