Oct 1 2010

Elisabeth then and now

Elisabeth Rolf (Oct 24, 1924 Meiningen – Mar 16, 2011 Frankfurt am Main)

Norbert’s Mom Elizabeth’s a pretty woman who widowed very young. Fearing her only son Norbert would have to share the limelight .. she stayed single for many years till he left the house. The second marriage ended briefly and she stays single since. When she was in her 80s, Norbert insisted that she moves to Frankfurt to be near him. She rent out her house in the country to a young family for an amount that could cover her apartment in Frankfurt and moved in to a two bedroom apartment across the street from her son.

circa 1983

Norbert has retired few years ago and laid out an extensive travel plan .. but since Elisabet’s joined him, his plan was put on a shelf for the time being. Every day at stroke of half past 12, he would meet her on the street between their apartments for lunch.

“She has finally confessed that she hates cooking .. ” Norbert explained.

Renate would come home prepare dinner and the three would have it together.

March 2011


Elisabeth was not really ill; but she was in a way no more willing to carry on; she was eating less and less, drinking less and less, shrinking more and more and in a depressed mood