The Maliks

Feb 1984
Falkstraße 45, 60487, Frankfurt am Main

Maliks used to live next door to Norbert. [Renate took over their apartment now: the International House has just expanded, :)]. Bojan’s parents Joka and Novak wanted me to write something for him ..

Renate to my left.
Joka and Novak are Serbians who met in Frankfurt as teenagers working in a factory. Their daughter just got married this June to a ..
“Deutsche.” The Mom told me.
It’s very frustrating that I couldn’t converse in German any more. Ignorant youth!
They moved to a larger apartment down the street. Little baby Bojan is a dashing young man now. He works in an electrics store five minutes by foot, still lives at home (so Mom cooks for him and someone washes his cloth.. it’s the same the world over ..)

It’s not his girl friend but a girl from childhood, Mom explained.

July 19, 2010 at Elisabet‘s

The Maliks in 2014

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