Feb 8 2024

San Telmo market

Defensa 963
C1066AAQ Buenos Aires

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This indoor market has NO air conditioning, or it wasn’t on when we were there on a 90° afternoon.

The immediate area is charming, with many little shops, eateries, most of them don’t have air conditioning.

There are many vendors selling stuff door to door (presumably illegally but no one does anything). But I saw this one selling mirrors! Really? Someone will buy a mirror from him?

Feb 8 2024

Plaza de Mayo

Av. de Mayo, C1072 Cdad.
Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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This is Buenos Aires‘s major square, in the heart of the city, founded in 1884, replacing the Recova building. We passed by here a few times because all the roads lead to it -:). Compare to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, this seems a sesame. But there are many notable monuments and structures around the square:

…The most notable one is their Ministry of Economy / Ministerio de Economía @ Hipólito Yrigoyen 250 / building Palacio de Hacienda modern BA, which is at a corner. I didn’t do any research on it, so don’t know if it’s the office for the country’s current Ministry of Economy … can’t imagine the minister goes to work there every day, it’s like a slum 贫民窟!


Feb 8 2024

Vintage studio nails

Estados Unidos 618
Buenos Aires, C1101

May return.

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Stopped by for a quick French. They took me in immediately. The price is double from my last one @ Chevere , given the fact that they’ve to remove the old vestige.

They’ve ac. The decor is simple and tasteful, with a black and white Marilyn Monroe looking straight at you. They serve coffee in a real china (no for me) and water from the pasties (yes for me).

The job the young woman has done is good, not the greatest, thought Google translates. She didn’t use nail clipper (maybe no one uses it anymore?).

Overall, I’m ok with the outcome. Thanks, girls.

Feb 8 2024

Buenos Aires Metro Cathedral

San Martin 27
Buenos Aires, C1004

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Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral | Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
The formal seat of Pope Francis (1936-; 2013-), this main church of the city dates back to 1580.

The Liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru, General de San Martin (1778-1850) rest here. There are two guards by his mausoleum. We were there at 11am, saw the changing of guards.

Feb 8 2024

Un Cuenco Chino 锦升餐厅

Bartolome Mitre 1189
C1036AAU, Buenos Aires

Will return for food.

… more pix on Google Maps, Yelp and TA.

A small Chinese restaurant that’s hard to find, in terms of following Google Maps or on Yelp . I think the correct address is C1036AAU, Bartolome Mitre 1189. They open for lunch 12-2:30, dinner 7-11; closes on Wednesdays.

One young woman serves the room, who’s polite and efficient.


  1. spicy fish 水煮肉片
  2. eggplant (bit sweet, which is the norm)
  3. string beans: all are good and delicious
  4. Corona
  5. loose leave tea

Much inline with last night’s. I’m wondering if the Chinese restaurants in Buenos Aires have developed their own ‘cuisine’ – spicy with very limited sugar. Wish elsewhere take note.

They accept credit card but add additional 20%. We paid US$36.

The beer is cheaper than the tea -:) … I think TE means tea?

Feb 8 2024

Tango @ Esquina Homero Manzi

Av. San Juan 3601
C1233ABG, Buenos Aires

Probably will return.

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An old world charm, rich in history. You order or not order, off the menu – we chose this one bec I don’t like to have a full meal so late.

It offers hotel pickup, although it’s a bit long – the mini van makes frequent stops for guests. We were picked up at 8:10, dropped off at the venue 8:51; the light went out at 10:10pm, the show starts at 10:14pm, to a 75% filled house. It’s over by 11:22. The performance is ok, once is enough.

Can’t say the cheese and olives are the best. The brandy is good tho, even I’m not a hard liquor drinker. Crappy utensils. Love our waiter, so fitting with the venue. The longer version.


Feb 7 2024

Rong Cheng 榕城 or 芳姐中餐

1169 Viamonte
Buenos Aires

… more pix on Google Maps and Yelp

Will return, for the authentic food.

It goes by the name 芳姐中餐.

High ceiling. Spacious. Spare. Looking out to the Colon Theatre. The entrance has no name, except the street number 1169 on the black metal. Meeting our shipmates there for dinner.

They open at 6 for dinner, till midnight. I think they host tour groups more than individuals. The service is ok. The food is very good. Nearly all of them are spicy, which is just fine. The soup is delicious too. One of them lives in BA and suggested a few other Chinese restaurants, who also said the Chinese restaurants here are more than decent. Good to know.

View of Teatro Colón from the restaurant, and the interior.

Jan 22 2024

Sofitel Buenos Aires, Recoleta

Posadas 1232, C1011 CABA
Buenos Aires

… more pix on Google Maps; TA

This Sofitel is in Recoleta.

~ 2018 in Hangzhou’s Sofitel

Location is excellent, in a tree lined street in Recoleta neighborhood. Across street from a small shopping mall Patio Bullrich, which has movie theatre and cafe. A few blocks north (left) is the good restaurant Fervor and cute cigar bar, both highly recommended.

Very good service; again most of the staff don’t speak English.

Hotel has a restaurant Alma on the ground floor. A gym, pool (could use some cleaning!) and sauna on the first floor.

Our room is spacious, so is the bathroom. The electrical power outlet uses Type I – 3 prong. (Some other hotels in Buenos Aires use European Type F – 2 round prong). I only find one usb port in the room.

Bathroom. The corner of the bath tub is beautifully rounded out. Water pressure in the shower is very good. The three essential, shampoo, bath gel and conditioner (that’s how my shower’s sequence) are good but very difficult to get to – the pumps are too small and too close to the wall. Can’t imagine how some one with bigger hand …

Open drainage – ok it isn’t ‘open’ but it feels like it – you’ll hear every drop of water down the drain. Maybe it’s their way to remind you to conserve water.

Two elevators function well and quick. But at group check out time, it can take for long time. Remedy: go up first.

Jan 22 2024

Patio Bullrich

Posadas 1245, C1011ABE CABA
Buenos Aires

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A shopping center with parking garage, in Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Salvatore Ferragamo anchors the mall. It’s in Recoleta neighborhood, across street from our hotel Sofitel.

It’s mixed domestic and international midrange shops, such as Zegan, Pandora, MaxMara and Omega.
It’s nicely laid out, very pleasant, with a garage.

Jan 21 2024

Aerolineas, Argentine’s airline

over Ushuaia

Aerolineas Argentinas is one of the handful airlines that goes to Ushuaia.

… more pix on Google Maps.

The chartered B737, AR1952, out of EZE (Ministro Pistarini International Airport) is scheduled to depart at 9:45. The boarding stair is removed at 9:45 and we took off at 9:56. It landed 1:21. 1:40 on the bus #1 to our ship Diana. 9 minutes, we’re off.

Breakfast tray has good looking plastic white containers. Yogurt in a glass jar. I wanted to ask them if they’re throwing the jar away – so I can keep it, but decided against: my language skill and we’re too far away from home. I’m a nut, even entertain the idea. Oh well.