Antarctic 南极

This Antarctic trip is long and exciting. We see more wildlife than I anticipated. The kayaking @ St. Andrew’s Bay & Cobblers Cove, and paddle boarding at Copacabana Beach are simply wonderful.

The duration is from Tuesday January 16 to Wednesday February 14, visiting Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and Rio de Janeiro. The cruise to the Antarctic is on board Swan Hellenic‘s Diana for 18 days, Jan 21 to Feb 7: In Shackleton‘s Footsteps.

A few reading materials:

My itinerary

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. UshuaiaDiana
    1. Falkland: West Point, Saunders Island – South Sandwich Islands wiki; Port Stanley
    2. South Georgia
    3. Antarctic Peninsula
  3. Rio de Janeiro

Because of the three round trips, we used the airport lounges a few times. At our last layover in Atlanta, we get to visit newly opened (that morning) Amex Centurion @ ATL.

  1. US↔Buenos Aires on Delta
  2. BAUshuaia on chartered Aerolineas
  3. BARio on British Air

A few geographical terms (hope I got it right): Antarctic 南极, Antarctica 南极洲,  Antarctic Peninsula 南极半岛 & Antarctic Circle 南极圈

  1. Antarctic is an area, includes Antarctica.
  2. Antarctica is one of 7 continents, sits almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle.
  3. Antarctic Peninsula, the continent Antarctica’s mainland.
  4. Antarctic Circle, is the most southerly of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of Earth, per wiki.

Unlike our Arctic trip where we saw more humans than animals, this trip we saw plenty animals and very few humans. Kayaking at St. Andrews Bay and Cove, paddle boarding at Copacabana Beach and polar plunge are some memorable activities.

The trip is wildlife overdose: goming to Antarctica is to see the penguins, seals and more wildlife. (Arctic, on the other hand, we saw more humans …)


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