Mar 12 2015


The drive there and back were good, each way consumed 1/4 of the tank of gas. Again,  I stayed at Renaissance Philadelphia Airport. The Magic Garden and the Philadelphia Orchestra. The street parking in Philadelphia is pretty expensive.

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Mar 12 2015

Getting sick

The first review was rejected by trip advisor, perhaps I used the quote. So here it is again:
As soon as I walked into the lobby at 8:15am on Wednesday 3/11, Ms. Blinking was at her desk. I asked if I could check in.
“We don’t have room,” she replied immediately, and said that I could check again at around 12 noon. And that I could leave my luggage with her.
I wasn’t expecting to be checked in that early so I didn’t have my overnight bag with me.
Because of what happened last December when I stayed there – I was a little mindful. After I retrieved my iPad from my car, returned to the lobby three minutes later, a young man gave me a big smile, “What can I do for you?”
Out of curiosity, I said, “may I check in?”
Without consulting his computer, he said, “of course.” And proceeded to check me in.
I asked him how could he be so sure that he has a room that early? He explained that he consulted the overnight report when he got to work and has a good idea on inventory.
It made me feeling %$#@&*.
Race thing again.

I had three buffet meals at the hotel. Got home Thursday night. Waking up feeling weak on Friday. I went to the pool, hoping to swim it off. But I almost fainted. I went to bed at 7pm that night. Saturday morning, a fellow attendee at the meeting posted on Facebook that she was sick during the meeting. Within 20 minutes, at lease ten attendees responded, reporting various degree of sickness. I would not considered myself violently ill but two attendees claimed so on FB.

On Friday I also called to see if the housekeeping has turned in my bath gloves which I left on the small rack over the tub. The lost/found unit said no.

All well.

Hotel’s reply; 161 reads as of 3/28; December 2014 stay

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Mar 7 2015

Good travel apps

Here are some good apps this travel recommends:

  1. google map: 在国外旅游你绝对会爱死他,,你需要的只是输入任何语言的目的地,它会帮你规划所有你去那里的路线并告知你如何到达,包括火车车次时间bus车站时间等所有!另外,也提供救急的离线地图服务!
  2. yelp和tripadvister: yelp 就是国外的大众点评,不用多说了吧,全球共享。tripadvister你需要的就是把你到达的目的地当地软件包下载,然后它会提供你当地吃住行所有的打点参考还有旅行服务。
  3. Airbnb: 我们的房子都是从这预定的,对方就是在当地有多套房子的私家住宅,他们把自己的家提供给你住宿,并且提供一切的咨询,我们在国王湖就住了一套大房子,在布拉格的四个夜晚也是住了一套足有200平以上够9人住宿的家庭大公寓,需要的东西应有尽有,价格5天4晚只需要2500人民币,房东还给我们提供了非常多当地的指引和帮助!
  4. 应该是最值得信赖的离线地图软件,可以在没有任何网络情况下实施定位你的位置并引导你方向,我在出行时一直会使用它,尤其在国王湖没有任何信号的山里。
  5. Booking: 在国外订房,最简单直接的软件就是booking了,这是传统的订房工具,和Airbnb不同的就是Airbnb几乎都是有房的业主出租自用住宅,booking都是规范hotel,我们萨尔斯堡的一晚就是通过booking预定的酒店。
  6. Kayak和Agoda: 购买国际机票的app,你理解为国内携程吧,现在定机票,租车和住宿一条龙服务。
  7. imoney: 这是我们任性的查看汇率的首选app。
  8. youtube: 好吧,夜晚,看《我是歌手》咋看?优酷不让看,墙外的youtube随意看,姑娘们都是看着《running man》每晚入睡的。
  9. 百度: 度娘的作用还是很大的,我们去的任何地方不懂的任何东西都需要利用度娘来普及知识,随时随地长知识。
  10. flightboard: 进出机场看航班动态,掌握我们去机场的时间,基本全靠这个App。
  11. DB Nvigater: 德国铁路的App,欧洲铁路现在几乎已经是个整体,全欧洲已经有几万个站点在欧铁统一网络下,我先不说他们如何统一协调,单单是如何准确的排班就让我惊讶。
  12. Snapseed/Vscocam/Pixlr: 这三款是我的最爱,再烂的片子都能修成大师级作品。