Getting sick

The first review was rejected by trip advisor, perhaps I used the quote. So here it is again:
As soon as I walked into the lobby at 8:15am on Wednesday 3/11, Ms. Blinking was at her desk. I asked if I could check in.
“We don’t have room,” she replied immediately, and said that I could check again at around 12 noon. And that I could leave my luggage with her.
I wasn’t expecting to be checked in that early so I didn’t have my overnight bag with me.
Because of what happened last December when I stayed there – I was a little mindful. After I retrieved my iPad from my car, returned to the lobby three minutes later, a young man gave me a big smile, “What can I do for you?”
Out of curiosity, I said, “may I check in?”
Without consulting his computer, he said, “of course.” And proceeded to check me in.
I asked him how could he be so sure that he has a room that early? He explained that he consulted the overnight report when he got to work and has a good idea on inventory.
It made me feeling %$#@&*.
Race thing again.

I had three buffet meals at the hotel. Got home Thursday night. Waking up feeling weak on Friday. I went to the pool, hoping to swim it off. But I almost fainted. I went to bed at 7pm that night. Saturday morning, a fellow attendee at the meeting posted on Facebook that she was sick during the meeting. Within 20 minutes, at lease ten attendees responded, reporting various degree of sickness. I would not considered myself violently ill but two attendees claimed so on FB.

On Friday I also called to see if the housekeeping has turned in my bath gloves which I left on the small rack over the tub. The lost/found unit said no.

All well.

Hotel’s reply; 161 reads as of 3/28; December 2014 stay

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