Apr 22 2018

Huoshan huangya 霍山黄芽

According to the can, this Anhui green tea can trace back to Tang Dynasty (years 618 to 907). It grows on Dabie Mountain (大别山) with an elevation of 1,774 meters in the western part of Anhui province. HuoShan is part of Babie Mountain. The tea tastes yummy,


Apr 22 2018


A great green tea, my dear friend brought from Beijing to Shanghai.


Apr 22 2018

The Westlake 西湖 in the morning


Apr 21 2018

Mingxuan 名轩餐厅 @ Raddison Blu

88 Nanjing Lu West, 3rd floor

Will return.

White glove service, literally. Delicious food, quite. The main dinning area is small – most area is private rooms. Clean bathroom and above average utensils.

Apr 21 2018

Sofitel Westlake

333 West Lake Avenue
Hangzhou, 310002
Zhejiang Province, China

Will return.

An excellent location – cross street from the Westlake.

Sofitel @ Buenos Aires, 2024

Apr 20 2018

Tongli 同里

Another ancient town.

Apr 17 2018

Guozijian Museum 国子监 in Beijing

13 Guozijian St, Dongcheng Qu,
Beijing, China, 100007

Other names for it were, 国子学, 国子寺 or 太学 could translate to, Imperial National Academy, Imperial College, Imperial Academy, Imperial University, Imperial Central School, National School, National Academy, National University … It’s now combined with Kong’s Temple.

On my last visit there in spring 2018, the place is filled with tour groups and a Coming of Age party (chengrenli 成人礼) for a high school (Beijing tuanjiehu #3 School 北京团结湖第三中学). The tour guides teach the tourists how to salute (xingli 行礼) to Kongzi and the good karma will help their kids in gaokao. Really? Give me a break.


Glazed Memorial Arch (liuli pailou 琉璃牌楼) was built in 1784. The stone steles engraved with the list of jinshi from the Qing dynasty (Qingdai jinshi timingbei 清代进士题名碑).

Apr 16 2018

Tangshan 唐山

Tangshan, Hebei

In 2019

The city is credited as the cradle of China’s modern industry 中国近代工业摇篮, or claimed by Kailuan Group that China’s modern industry started here 中国近代工业从这里走来.

This is my first time but I knew it kind of well: my stepmother died during the 1976 earthquake.

Without traffic, it takes little over two hours from Beijing (facing the sun in the morning there and again, coming home). Speed train is only an hour away. First impression of the city: big, new, many cars but less people on the street, compares to Beijing.

People are warm and helpful. The ticket girl at Kailuan Museum shares her two mangos with me – thanks sweetie. (A small question: why would they have a staff in ticket room when they close on Mondays?)


Apr 15 2018

Zizhuyuan Park 紫竹院公园

ZiZhuYuan in 2003.


Apr 15 2018

Tap Water Museum

3 XiangheYuan Road 香河园街

This museum is all about water, tap water in Beijing.

We got there one minute late, at 3:31. They close at 4 pm but stop selling ticket at 3:30. I begged and it worked. The lady even let us in without buying tickets. 蓝天白云 浓厚情谊 … 勇闯博物馆: 迟到… 求… 然后撒丫子狂奔 闯进博物馆.