Sofitel Buenos Aires, Recoleta

Posadas 1232, C1011 CABA
Buenos Aires

… more pix on Google Maps; TA

This Sofitel is in Recoleta.

~ 2018 in Hangzhou’s Sofitel

Location is excellent, in a tree lined street in Recoleta neighborhood. Across street from a small shopping mall Patio Bullrich, which has movie theatre and cafe. A few blocks north (left) is the good restaurant Fervor and cute cigar bar, both highly recommended.

Very good service; again most of the staff don’t speak English.

Hotel has a restaurant Alma on the ground floor. A gym, pool (could use some cleaning!) and sauna on the first floor.

Our room is spacious, so is the bathroom. The electrical power outlet uses Type I – 3 prong. (Some other hotels in Buenos Aires use European Type F – 2 round prong). I only find one usb port in the room.

Bathroom. The corner of the bath tub is beautifully rounded out. Water pressure in the shower is very good. The three essential, shampoo, bath gel and conditioner (that’s how my shower’s sequence) are good but very difficult to get to – the pumps are too small and too close to the wall. Can’t imagine how some one with bigger hand …

Open drainage – ok it isn’t ‘open’ but it feels like it – you’ll hear every drop of water down the drain. Maybe it’s their way to remind you to conserve water.

Two elevators function well and quick. But at group check out time, it can take for long time. Remedy: go up first.

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