Apr 22 2018

The Westlake 西湖 in the morning


Apr 21 2018

Sofitel Westlake

333 West Lake Avenue
Hangzhou, 310002
Zhejiang Province, China

Will return.

An excellent location – cross street from the Westlake.

Sofitel @ Buenos Aires, 2024

Nov 9 2014

Zhejiang 浙江省

Chekiang is an eastern coastal province in China, bordering Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujiang and East China Sea.

Jun 22 2014

Yoga by the West Lake

Xihu @ Hangzhou.


Jun 22 2014

West in the East

On our way, by train from Shanghai to Hangzhou, we passed by many towns that it’s houses are building with steeples. Is it East meets West or, West in the East?
DSCN6582 DSCN6581 DSCN6580 DSCN6578

Jun 22 2014

Hangzhou 杭州

The capital of Zhejiang province in China. More pix on piwigo, and on FB,
DSCN6679 DSCN6646 DSCN6636 DSCN6634 DSCN6635 DSCN6607 DSCN6600 DSCN6597

Sep 4 2011

Shanghai 魅力江南八日游

Nexus Holidays offer a tour that was hard to refuse: 6 nights of 4 stars hotel plus 3 meals a day, all for US$49 per person. Kid under 18 adds additional $200; plus tips for the guide US$48 per person ($8 x 6 days). P.S. This kind of tour becomes a main stay.

I first learned it from my cousin Don in VA which offered it at US$99, then my cousin Sophie in LA told me it’s only US$49. Since I’ve never traveled with my Jiujiu and family so I decided to join them even it’s inconvenient my already booked/planned schedule.

We took the newly minted CRH Beijing

Aug 2 2011

The riders in Hangzhou

305 298

301 302 304 308 309 310 306 307 320 321 322 323 325 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319

Aug 2 2011

Dragon Well tea village 梅家坞

After West Lake and the park, we visited tea village of 梅家坞 Meijia Wu Youtube video


According to wiki, there are four tiers of tea:



Aug 2 2011

By the West Lake

After the boat ride, we visited this park by the lake. Aside from crowds, we saw a girl pees by the curb when the bathroom is just over the bushes. After lunch, we were taken to the tea village.


401 400 398 399 393 394 395 396





409 410  412 413 416 419  408