Mar 28 2018

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

On Pier 8
Central, Hong Kong

A neat museum on the Pier 8, next to the  Star Ferry, it

Mar 27 2018

Star Ferry

This Ferry is one of my faves in Hong Kong, like the South Ferry in lower Manhattan in New York. But either side of Star Ferry (Central and Kowloon ) are destinations.

I haven

Mar 27 2018

Sunrise @ Hong Kong

I take the express from the airport to Central after landing in the early morning. Here is a short video showing the Victoria Harbor, in the morning glory.

The headline news on SCMP is a robery of a jeweller shop, by smash and grab, very bold.


Mar 26 2018

Deli and Wine

@ HK Cultural Centre

A very down to earth eatery, perfect for a quick bite. Clean line, sandwiches and congee/noodles. It takes credit and opens at 8am.

I forgot how strong the Hong Kong teas and milk is. They say they blend their own.


Oct 24 2016

A mean girl

A little episode on the HKG-JFK leg of Cathay Pacific. Soon after taking off, dinner is served. The seat of 31C is spreader out. When the staff asks her to uplift the back (of her seat) so Lady 32C can possibly consume her dinner. However, 31C made NO MOVE at all. The flight attendant Mikki begins to help 31C to push the seat back up. This is when hell breaks out: 31C complains, complains and complains, to a point Gentleman 33C got up and says to teary Mikki “you did the right thing.”

I’m appreciative and satisfy of the service Cathay Pacific has been maintaining over the years. evian water, good food. Bailey’s … plenty healthy snacks. Not sure what the heck 31C has to complain about. Btw, our captain is a girl!!!

Mikki comes by before breakfast – toward end of the flight, asks me to write a comment, which I gladly obliged. Unreasonable customer is unavoidable.

img_1879 img_1880


Oct 19 2016

Hong Kong airport ferry to Macau or Zhuhai

Going to Macau from Hong Kong airport should have been easier but I made a mistake by exiting the airport (my brain isn’t functioning!) So I’ve to take a bus (HK$40) or a taxi to the ferry terminal in the city. The ferry to Macao is HK$164, an hour long ride. HK$204 is about US$36.

img_9922 img_9932 img_9930 img_9937

On the way back from Zhuhai to HK airport, I enjoyed its convenience. The Jiuzhou Port looks small from outside but it’s pretty spacious and modern, in relative to its geo location. The 70 minutes ride is smooth and convenient. Airlines are on hand to check in, without going to the main hall and lining up with the crowd for security check. The ticket cost

Oct 2 2016

Cathay Pacific 国泰航空

The entertainment on Cathay is pretty good, choose at your own pace and taste. They serve evian water, good food, plenty healthy snacks, Bailey’s among other drinks. The staff is gracious. I get upgraded on both long hauls.

img_2049 img_6900 img_6898 img_6899

Arriving by ferry from Zhuhai. The HK$120 tax refund on

Mar 28 2016

A trip of a life time

My first ever journey with my dad, coincide with his 85th birthday. Given the fact that we had only lived under the same roof in less than four months in my entire life so far, calling this the trip of the century is pretty appropriate. To reconnect with him and his relatives.

Cathay Pacific took us to Hong Kong first where he could renew his Re-Entry Permit 回港证; we also did a quick trip to Shenzhen. Our second leg was Taipei to tree bury his mom, my paternal grandmother. His birthday was celebrated in Shanghai. I went to Anhui to visited two maternal ancestors. We met up in Shanghai and went to JiNan, visiting his grandpa’s tomb. The last leg was Beijing, included a day excursion to Tianjin. This is the most enriching trip for my genealogy!

I take JetBlue to San Francisco to pick him up.

  • Cloth 衣: Hong Kong street
  • Food 食: Western table wine is, still expensive. Hosts are still over ordering.
  • Shelter 住:  EatonTaipei City HotelYaocheng HotelAnhui Hotel and Yuquan hotel, the worst.
  • Transportation 行: Drivers don’t seem to have common courtesy to others and their favored rendezvous spot. In Beijing, there are xianxing 限行 restrictions on cars: on certain day of the week, certain last digit of the license plate can’t drive.  According to 911, for example, for the month of March 2016, on Tuesdays, the license plates ending with 4 and 9 can’t drive from 7am-8pm within 5 rings. Even with this restriction, there is always traffic jams.

Some odds and endsChinglish in China and color of money. The trip is complete with a Taobao experience – the cups.


  1. 2.28 Sun, SF: JetBlueTrader Joe’sLake Merritt
  2. 2.29 Mon, Wellington St, Dimond park & Sausal CreekCX879
  3. 3.01 Tue, HK: the bridgeEaton
  4. 3.02 Wed, 延期 回港证; stores on Nathandine at Chateh; Taichi @ hotel
  5. 3.03 Thur, Shenzhen, lunch & shop, Jennie
  6. 3.04 Fri, TPE, a bank adTaipei City Hotel, gov 户政事務所, passport, evening mktfruits
  7. 3.05 Sat, temple 湧泉寺, NPM 故宫, Tamsui 淡水, MRT Shuangliana light tunnel
  8. 3.06 Sun, 101, DTF, Zhongshan; temple parade
  9. 3.07 Mon, tree burial; flight canceled
  10. 3.08 Tue Shanghai, 85th bday, lunch & dinner/wine
  11. 3.09, visit a factory
  12. 3.10, Thur, badminton; lunch & 浦之舟, Peace Hotel
  13. 3.11, Fri, dinner @ Lujiazui
  14. 3.12 Sat, my 1st trip to Dongzhi county 东至/池州
  15. 3.13 Sunday, visit my ancestors
  16. 3.14 Mon, Hefei, Lujiang, memorial parkAnhui Hotel/dinner
  17. 3.15 Tue, Jinan, Hefei stationYuquan hotel 玉泉 & dinner
  18. 3.16, g grandpa; 南水北调 village, lunch; Uncle’sDavid Beckham; JFL 聚福林
  19. 3.17, Thur, garden 万竹园 and to BJ
  20. 3.18, Fri, Great Wall; 2 media codinner
  21. 3.19, Sat, East, Xihe 羲和雅苑, Maan coffee
  22. 3.20, Sun, Bird’s Nest 鸟巢/Water Cube, Dadong w/ Zhangs
  23. 3.21, Mon, Tianjin & 河北工业大学
  24. 3.22, Tue, Fayuan Si 法源寺; Niuji 牛街; Kaorou Wan 烤肉宛
  25. 3.23, Wed, Juqi 局气, demo derbysuitcase & the last supper in 中关村
  26. 3.24, Thur, wine; elevator buttons; going home

file 33037

Mar 6 2016

The caulking

A little odds and ends: both hotels we stayed, are seriously lacking electrical outlets. I only found one in each.

The airport express train is very convenient. While riding (duh) I noticed the caulking job is pretty poorly done. So is the hotel shower.


Mar 3 2016

Aunt Jennie

She took us to Shenzhen for lunch, and experience the third medicine that keeps her healthy. Her apartment is being maintained nicely.

IMG_4322 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4302 IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4306 IMG_4301

She asked repeatedly, why did her mother leave the youngsters at home and took the two older children with her to Taipei in 1948? I didn’t have an answer nor dad. My heart went out to her.