Yuquan 玉泉 Simpson hotel in Jinan

68 Luoyuan St, Lixia, Jinan, Shandong, China
济南市泺源大街68号 邮编:250063

So dated, everywhere!

It’s conveniently located on the busy Luoyuan St. Quancheng Square and Baotu Spring and Wanzhu Yuan parks to the west and Inzone 银座 shopping mall to the east. There is also a Korean town cross the street from the hotel.

DSCN8720 IMG_0540

However, it’s worst than this county hotel. The room is shabby, diggy and uncomfortable. They only offer one key to the room. If you need move separately from your roommate, they’ll send someone, a human to check you ID then open the door for you. Unimaginable. The bathroom, as well as the dark hallway, have red plastic buckets filled with water. The purpose? In case of fire.

DSCN8719 image

The room key holder has only 1 card. Someone must be lingering in the hall way all the time because they came very fast to open the door for you.

Swimming pool’s under renovation. The ping pong club has low ceiling and is dark, uncomfortable as the rooms. I caught a City wide senior Chinese chess tourney.


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