Feb 25 2011


Woolworth had gone out of business in USA in July 1997 and focus on the Foot Locker division, which is doing fine till now. I still remembered the stores one in Flushing on Main Street by Roosevelt Avenue and the other was on 42nd Street by 3rd Avenue (or Lexington?). The location/building was vacant in Flushing since it closing down. Few law suits followed: the second landlord was tangling with the owner .. and the renter had actually done some renovation in the building .. Perhaps its the reason the prime location has been vacant. Today I was in Flushing, saw one food court was opening up.
As of now, retail chains using the F. W. Woolworth name survive in Germany, Austria, Mexico, and South Africa, and, until the start of 2009, in the United Kingdom.

at Heidelberg

Nov 26 2010

Heidelberg 1984

Feb 2nd, 1984, with Kiesow

Jul 13 2010

Heidelberg 2010

This neat little college town has changed, to the worse: it’s becoming a cheap mall .. I missed the pianist who used to play in the town center.
The Heidelberg Castle dominated the city landscape .. More pix on FB
. We took the slow commuter train from Heidelberg to Frankfurt.

Heidelberg Castle

fm Heidelberg Castle

the slow commuter train fm Heidelberg to Frankfurt

Feb 2 1984

Heidelberg, 1984

February 2, 1984.