Jul 25 2015

Lincoln Ristorante

Very good presentation, service and food. Merits its price. We were seated at the booth which was very quite, with privacy. Nice glasses and tableware. On tripadvisor

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Our waitress was bubbly. I couldn’t decide if her uniform is antique or needs good cleaning.
One of the girls at the front desk looks like Misty Copland -:)

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Jul 24 2015

Central Park

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Jul 24 2015

Tavern on the Green

I’m surprised to see the beer gardens didn’t occur earlier since the city bans drinking on the street.

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Jul 23 2015

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

A rare occasion that I went in there. Not bad at all. While waiting, I enjoy a little peanuts.

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Jul 16 2015



Jul 15 2015

Linzi school 林梓

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Jul 14 2015

A few my faved restaurants in DC

Jul 14 2015

On Asia

WSJ reports:

Africa and Latin America also have a major problem with underreporting, experts say. Africa tends to have a higher accident rate per capita than Asia, as well. Fatality rates per 1 million departures for large commercial passenger aircraft from 2009 through 2013 were 123.7 for Africa, 29.9 for Asia, 5.1 for Europe 18.5 for Latin America and the Caribbean, and 1.2 for North America, according to the ICAO.

Last year, an Indian Jet Airways Boeing 777 accidentally dropped 2,500 feet while its captain was asleep and its co-pilot was absorbed in her tablet device. It was a serious mishap known as an

Jul 10 2015

Left Behind Children

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Jul 6 2015

The new Flushing

The fancy car parked in the New World Mall garage. The new buildings, taking from the entrance of the Target/BJ’s/Sky View Parc condos (three hours free parking), next to Parc hotel. More here
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