Dec 31 2011

8 Spruce Street; South Ferry

8 Spruce Street, Dec 26, 2011

Beekman Tower and or currently marketed as New York by Gehry from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge, Dec 26, 2011

Dec 26, 2011

The old south ferry building, love the color; more pix in FB

the old south ferry building, Dec 18, 2011

Washington Square Park arch

Washington Square Park, Dec 18, 2011

Dec 13 2011

South Ferry 南渡轮 & Staten Island terminals

More pix on FB, more downtown on Dec 18, 2011, in 20111986

In 1986

Dec 13 2011

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island Racquet Club, more pix on FB. In the evening, the corporate league had its championship party, pix on my photo site.

Dec 1 2011


Beijing Capital Theater, we watched Jia 家 ..

Dec 1 2011

740 Park

This building is the subject of book by Michael Gross, a documentary . The north side and south side of Park Avenue from Grand Central/MetLife.




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