Jul 30 2022

Xidan 西单, Beijing

By Aileen Wang

Jul 29 2021

The bakery 中关村茶点部

福利楼 fulilou in Zhongguancun also housed a bakery, 中关村茶点部. I took the first photo during my visit in 2014. The rest were taken by Aileen, thank you.


May 10 2021

Heping Jie 和平街 八区

Photos are from my first grade classmate Yan Dee -:)


May 8 2021

The old Beijing Library

7 Wenjin Street

This was the old library of Peking or China: Imperial Library of Peking 京师图书馆, founded in 1909. It had moved to Purple Bamboo Park in Haidian District in 1987 and renamed to National Library of China, NLC.

2018.4.15: the NLC is in the background; The rest of the photos are from my cousin Zhou Hong. 其余照片来自表姐周红.

这个专门收藏旧书古籍馆,位于北京市西城区文津街7号,是前北图/国图: 1909 京师图书馆在广化寺, 1928 北平图书馆, 选在此地 1931年开馆时是远东最大及先进的图书馆. 1987 搬到白石桥 1999年成为国家图书馆的一部分. 2005年这个旧址成为国图古籍馆.


May 4 2021

Parkview Green 侨福芳草地

Parkview Green shopping center locates at 9 Dongdaqiao Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing 100010. Photo courtesy Xu.
北京市 朝阳区东大桥路9号, 侨福芳草地购物中心

This building took twelve years to complete, done in 2012, which considered long in China. The magazine AC Architectural Creation had a piece on it, published three years after, read on zhihu. The sculpture group in front of the building, depicting life in a variety of ways, is vivid.


Apr 23 2021

Imperial Ancestral Temple 太庙

This temple is Built in 1420. It’s behind Tiananmen, opposite to ZhongShan Park. Photo courtesy of Victor.     


Dec 26 2020

Qianmen 前门


In 1950s: A beautiful drawing from the following post on News Sina caught my eyes. The caption reads: A bird’s-eye view of Qianmen (Front Door) in the 1950s, by Zhao Xishan. This article is about the memory of 孔庆普 Kong Qingpu, how old Beijing was demolished.

五十年代的 鸟瞰前门, 赵锡山老人手绘图


Nov 2 2019

Bye, Beijing

It seems that I haven’t been to Beijing airport for a while: you go through security check first: they’re right up front, in your face. Since I’ve a few pieces, a young man mentioned to me to just go ahead. When I hesitate, he became rather unpleasant. Oh well.

Once inside, I immediately saw the vantage point of Forbidden City, which I just went two night before.

What interesting, I ran into the same flight attendant on my Pei-Sea, who was on my JFK-Sea too. Oh well.

Nov 1 2019

WanAn Cemetery 万安公墓

Hanhe Rd, Haidian District,
Beijing, China

There is a subway (Metro) station cross the street; the parking is

Oct 29 2019

The disappearing history

Looking for old information, I went to Xicheng West End District Archives.

To remake their cities (and perhaps to show their achievements while in the office …) and aggressive developers, old historical remnants are being demolished, fast.

Qingdao: the 18 meter high fire watchtower on GuanXiang Road (望火楼; 1905-2009) on the western edge of the old observatory, and the train station (1901-1991) – the current train station is moved back 15 meters.

Ji’Nan: the old train station (1912-1992; by German architect 赫尔曼舍尔) and the two story commercial building (八卦楼; 1914-97).