Nov 23 2016

Wine bar: Barcibo Enoteca

2020 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
b/t 69th St & 70th St
(212) 595-2805
Young and old – mostly young tho.
Italian wine Italian menu and Italian movie star. Cute wine bar with beautiful flowers.

We walked in at a little after 5 and the place is full. Perhaps due to their half off happy hour on weekday nights Friday included 4:30 to 6:30 wine and beer.
We’ve five wines and I love them all (go figure from an alcoholic):

  1. Chianti Classico Coltibuono 2014 (Tuscany)
  2. Rosso Toscano Aia Vecchia “Lagone” 2013 (Tuscany) heavier than the Chianti
  3. Super Tuscan “Alteo” Ciacci Piccolomini 2012
  4. Aglianico Lonardo 2013 (Campania)
  5. Teroldego Rotaliano Foradori 2012 (Trentino)

At 6:27pm, our waitress comes for the last round – I don’t mind to be sold. She’s great, even I’d enough but I asked for one more. I’m not an alcoholic after all ha ha ha.

Cheese Telaggio is wonderful – very milky and tasty!

The movie star: the manager (?) who seated us does look like a character actor whom you’d find in Pulp Fiction type of movies. It’s a small place and he seated us at the corner over looking the downstairs. I said, “you look like a movie star” When there’s a moment of expectancy (a few seconds of silence …. ) I knew I’d be more dipolmatic than I’m capable of. He stood stoically waiting, perhaps a A list leading man … while ALL I could think was Joe Pesci for his Brooklyn accent and … then blurred out “Sasha Cohen” – he does look like Cohen. There’s an deafening silence before he spoke up that said he likes Cohen. So… people, next time when you see an movie character pls think them as the leading men or women … I’d have said “I don’t remember …” lesson one in diplomacy.

img_3245 img_3232 img_3229 img_3225 img_3227 img_3226

I spotted a family with a young kid dinning there.

Nov 23 2016

Beethoven’s violin concert, again

img_3260 img_3305 img_3304 img_3293

Oh my, he’s not 50 yet! Nearly a full house for Beethoven. The manner of the violist – Nikolaj Znaider – a little too business like tho. It’s a clean and enjoyable performance. The staff at the entrance check each concert goer with scanner that goes through your body. I said to the cute guy “no bother we Chinese don’t do bombing thing…” he just laughed. Hope that made his day: seriously $40k isn’t nearly enough for me to give up my dear little life.

再听贝爷爷的 🎻协奏曲 和第一次没有什么不同:都是上天堂. 一年上2次天堂 不嫌多哈. 贝爷的小提琴协奏曲朴实 (as 柴可夫斯基的 华丽)Dvorak 得到 Brahms 的推荐但是没有青出于蓝…

Nov 20 2016

Alley Pond Environmental Center

22806 Northern Blvd,
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 229-4000


It’s our niece’s birthday. A little over a decade ago, our child had birthday party here too. They have renovated the space (inside and out) and made it more appealing. They’ve a lot more animals and insects; the birthday child gets to pick three to pat/share with the kids.

img_2998 ombn3193 img_3009 img_3010

It’s my first time seeing the chameleon 变色龙 and walking stick (a long, slender, slow-moving insect that resembles a twig. In many species, it appears that there are no males and that the females lay fertile eggs without mating).

img_2980 img_2981 img_2982 img_2983 img_2984 img_2986 img_2987 img_2972 img_2973 img_2974




Nov 8 2016

The 2016 election

A glorious day in New York, blue skies and warm, 69 degrees. Voting station is only a short walk. Go vote!

img_2519 img_2521 img_2522 img_2523 img_2524 img_2525

This is democracy @ our beautiful fire house. God bless America and the world.

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Nov 7 2016

The Grill

160 Adams Ave
Hauppauge, NY 11788

High ceiling, nice bathroom (important to me), good service, and food are fine. Could add a little more kick to them.

It’s the night before 2016 presidential election and they offer two cocktails: blue with the gin (simpler taste) and pink with rum (bit more complicated) – it shows anything can be manipulated -:).

Go America, be strong!

img_2471 img_2478 e8675db1-c904-47be-aa13-28d6142fb17a 28c8b318-a649-4a04-baaa-2895856e4751 img_2489 img_2494

Nov 5 2016

Lima 33

254-04 Northern Blvd
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 225-4949

Wine pours from the individual decanter, in a timely manner. Then it’s 30 minutes wait. One couple comes and their table needs to be stabilized. A family with a baby and a toddler come. The todd promptly knocks over a wine glass. The waiter eventually cleans it and drags the waste basket across the small dining room. The father brings a high chair himself.

Food are good, wished for a little bit more kicks.

img_2411 img_2416 img_2417 img_2415 img_2414 img_2413