Jul 18 2018

Lucky Bento VIP

36-29 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11355

New, generous portion and pretty delicious; full bar and wine menu with 12 choices: Caymus Carb 2016 $100 to Rawson’s Retreat Shiraz $10.

The mushrooms etc. in the squash is light and tasty. The shrimps are good but hard to eat – the yummy taste is on the shell – I couldn’t resist but regret every time after ordering. Need to remember bringing my head next time.

The service could have been better – nearly empty at lunch time, they only changed our plates when we’re almost done. We told them not to bother – save some water. And there’s a friendly fruit-fly keeps us company throughout.

There are private rooms on either side of The narrow dining hall. Street parking.


Jul 6 2018

Friday evening in Flushing


Flushing is still being built up. But how will they handle the population in the near future? It’s like a loud assault on your senses: rude people without manners: picking nose & teeth, spitting, don’t cover their mouths when sneezing – of course, they don’t say excuse me – a friend posted this beating incident in Flushing just now … I don’t condone beating in anyway or form but why didn’t the woman say excuse me when she tried to enter and someone was at the door? I just saw these women in the bakery and they touched absolutely every single bread and weighed each in their hands as if to see which one had gold … This is DISGUSTING.

With rapid developments, this Checks cashed service is still standing tall.

Jul 6 2018

Hot n Spicy Crawfish

36-36 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354

Mostly won’t return. Taste is fine so is service … but …

Dined on a Friday evening at around 6:30, it’s empty. I know it’s the way … but I really don’t like to see and use styrofoam thing, bad for the environment!!

We have the Drool under the experience with Hot n Spicy medium. (4 seasonings are Louisiana, Juicy Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper and Hot n Juicy. Spicy levels are baby spice, mild, medium, spicy and extra spicy.) You eat with your hands, no gloves provided – so if you’ve just done your nails, think twice.

It has two entrances, one on Prince Street and one on 37th Avenue. Parking isn’t easy: street parking, lot parking and garage parking. No reservation and they ask to see ID when we pay with credit card, under $100, come on, really?


Jun 28 2018

Saaho Village 沙河

69 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY 11021

Not an average Chinese restaurant but won’t return.

Saaho  (shahe 沙河) is short for shahe fen or hefen (沙河粉), is rice noodle, which widely used in Cantonese cuisine. I developed my taste during my time in Hong Kong. I like it more than the wheat noodle.


The three of us tried six different kinds of dishes. The seafood noodle is my favorite especially the soup, super yummy, the caviar fish wraps are ok, and the rest are just so so, bland. I know my Peking duck, so finding theirs with crepe a somewhat a joke. Fried okras dish is ok, but the okra is too hard to chew!

They have a full bar, the corkage fee is $10. Street parking, free after 6 pm. A parking lot is half a block away, on either side of the restaurant.

Jun 25 2018

South of Queens Blvd

Forest Hills

South of Queens Boulevard is a better neighborhood than the north, which has more apartmentents buildings. This photo is on Continental Avenue (is also the 71st Avenue) @ Bow Street. The LIRR track is under the trees.


Jun 25 2018

Unravel, the escape experience

108-14 72nd Avenue, 2nd Floor
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Also known escape room/game (haunted house or scavenger hunts) is pretty popular. With locations throughout the city and Long Island. Mostly for a group of people. Each company or location will have multiple scenarios. This Forest Hills one has two. We played at this location, next to Reef.

Jun 25 2018

Austin Street 奥斯汀街

Forest Hills, in Queens, NY

This bustling road is the main street of Forest Hills in Queens. Near 72ns Avenue there are two Chinese restaurants, a Lanzhou noodle shop and a Sichuan spicy eatery – surprised but not that surprised, to find them there.


Jun 25 2018


108-02 72nd Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Will return. Don’t come here if you’re in a rush.

The outside tables are kind of turnoff – soaking up the dust. But once inside, it’s a different story. Love their decor: brick walls and wood beams. They’ve two levels, both are inviting.

Food: slow given the fact it’s a Monday before 7 pm. However, all are delicious. I especially like the grilled oyster with sriracha remoulade.

Wine: glasses are not too good, as if they heard my thinking. The second round they served with a more delicate stem. The reason: this handsome kind is being weed-out bec too easy to break. Three 2016 vintage wines: Cab Sauv Edna Valley, Pinot Noir Le Sentier, and Zinfandel 1000 Stories, are very good.

Like their chairs with ears – easy to hang handbag; street parking, could be trying.


Jun 24 2018

Toku Modern Asian Fusion

2014 Northern Blvd
Manhasset, New York 11030

My first time there, the service wasn’t good at all. Over the times, I stopped by for coffee and tea, the services were ok – not much is needed. Tonight’s dinner is ok. It’s a full house on a Sunday night. The spicy yellowtail roll and the Geisha roll which is wrapped in cucumber, are fine. The martinis are good too.


Jun 23 2018

Spinning: old and new

Hallockville Museum Farm
6038 Sound Ave
Riverhead, NY 11901

Putting a spin on an old concept, -:)
This farm offers the spinning class on weekends, not on a stationary bicycle but the real thing.