May 19 2019


This term or demand isn’t new. If France is out, the EU is over.

Being the big brother isn’t easy. Did W Germany consider it seriously, with pros and cons?

Absorbing East brothers and sisters wasn’t easy. Maybe they over extended themselves.

May 19 2019

Fragonard Perfume

My goodness, perfume becomes a hot commodity for the Asians? They don’t even have a habit of using it. The shop at Gold is packed like a refugee camp. Mostly are Indians but a few signs in the small yard are in Chinese only … I’m embarrassed.

May 18 2019

Eglise – L’église St Nicolas-des Champs

254 rue St-Martin,
Paris 75003

It has a cafe and at the back a flee market – we stop by on a Friday afternoon – not sure if they run it on daily basis.

May 17 2019

Saint Denis Gate

The Porte St. Denis is on the rue du St. Denis in Paris 10e. It’s part of the old city wall.


Walking down rue St. Martin is the science museum and

May 17 2019

Getting into Paris fm CDG

We take the RER to Paris from CDG to their north station (Gare du Nord). It’s about 40 min ride and cost €10.03. The machines asks for pin for my credit card and I use my zip code.

Get to see a little suburb of Paris. The Gare du Nord has far more shops than Grand Central and Penn in New York.

May 16 2019

separation anxiety

We checked in together but the desk agent (no kiosks) assigned us to two different rows. And of course I didn’t check, till boarding. The reason is I didn’t pay $33 to pre select my seat, so here we go. Many European airlines charge such fee.

The flight attendants are nice and quickly switched us. Mind you my husband almost has a heart attack to see me so soon, ha ha ha – we took off together. Thanks to them.

The ride into Paris is easy with RER.

May 15 2019

Crouching tigers

and hidden dragons. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙 was the name of 2000 movie, directed by Ang Lee and staring Chow Yun-fat (Zhou Yunfa), etc.

Crouch means squat 蹲 and I find many Chinese like to squat.

May 9 2019

A small town

A small town the first three were taken early in the year. This afternoon was cloudy. No wonder Washington and Beijing are fighting it out …

小城故事多 是今天,一个没有阳光的日子
幸好有华府和华府 打的热火朝天的 [呲牙]
小板凳 瓜子 🍵🍷

May 7 2019

Wanzhu Yuan in 2019

Ten Thousand Bamboo Garden 万竹园
Ji’nan, Shandong

Thanks to my aunt Yang Dongming who systematically photographed the Garden by courtyards. 谢谢小婶婶杨东明 特意帮我逐个花园照. 感恩

From the entrance, there is the rockery 假山 and the Donggao Spring 东高泉 to the left, which is one of the three springs. This post is mainly on the courtyards.

The Eastern Section 东套院 was the main living quarter.

Turning right from the entrance is the Eastern Section – the main section. The front building has converted into a memorial hall to house artist Li Kuchan’s work 李苦禅纪念馆 since 1986. And followed by (up north) Pomegranate Courtyard 石榴院, the Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院 and at the back is the 绣楼/恒明楼, the actual place my great grandfather lived.

The Pomegranate Courtyard 石榴院

The Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院 & the Hengming 恒明

This well was prized in the Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院. According to Grandaunt Jingqiao, when they were little, they liked to use the water from this well to wash their hair because it made their hair particularly smooth and shiny.

听巧姑说: 他们小时候用这个井水洗头, 特别顺滑.

The Western Section 西套院 of living quarter. Passing by the rockery to the right, the little pathway leads to the family quarter. It has Apricot Courtyard 杏院, Wangshui Spring 望水泉, Begonia Courtyard 海棠院, Aihe (Lotus) 爱荷亭, Papaya Courtyard 木瓜院.

Apricot Courtyard 杏院

Begonia Courtyard 海棠院

May 3 2019

The handicap lots @ New World Mall

Roosevelt Ave & Main St,
Flushing, New York, 11354

And … the handicap parking spots are filled with German made cars, always. Have you seen anything like this before: so many, so often at the same time?

What’s going on here?