Nov 21 2018

A new office


Nov 18 2018

Inadequate service @ Toku

Here we go again … decent food but the service just isn’t there. I ordered Ginger martine and they brought Jamaica (with the pineapple). They served ice cream without a spoon. I waited. waited and waited. Finally I asked for one. They sent a soup spoon. My friends all got the soup spoons for theirs – I’m wondering maybe they use the same spoon for dessert? The little one is for coffee? I’d rather use the coffee spoon than the soup spoon.


Nov 17 2018

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

5th Ave,
New York, NY 10022

The sound of music ..


Nov 17 2018

St. Thomas Church

1 W 53rd St,
New York, NY 10019

Nov 17 2018

Street scenes

midtown … Nike has a long line 


Nov 17 2018

Lord and Taylor is closing

103 years, this NYC institutionis closing … other branches are open tho – one near us has expanded recently. Odd. Can’t compete?

evanka trump brand


Nov 17 2018

HSBC at the Library

Have a leisure time at the Library … The tourists are plentiful. Not really sure the library is their destinatin …

Nov 17 2018

Central Park in the morning

Caught the 6:49 train train into the city and this is what I see in Central Park

Nov 11 2018

Beijing 北京

No set schedule but many sites are on my mind.

Nov 9 2018

You Garden 豫园

41-07 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361

Will return.

The 3 star is for their bit too sweet taste – not their fault but mine – my dislike toward things too sweet. The few items we have are good. Shanghai cruise is on the sweet side. It’s a cash only shop.

Very good service – plastic bag for umbrellas. Disposable chopsticks heads, plastic gloves for Beijing duck, … spacious and clean bathroom. The atmosphere is more relaxing than their Flushing one.

A group of middle aged Chinese women (4) behind me are overly loud… Half roasted Beijing duck is $16.33 ($15 + 8.875% tax take out).

Street parking. They open 9-11 so one more place for breakfast.