Jul 17 2019

Hudson Garden Grill

Inside the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.

Light. Airy. High ceiling. Arched doorways and windows. Great food, good service, nice looking table ware (not utensil tho) and not to mention it rained while we dined – good timing for us.

The lightness reminds me of Coco Bistro which we just went last night but this is far better: high ceiling and better food. The open kitchen by the entrance is a great feature.

Wish the bread could either be lighter or warm. We’ve three appetizers – the portions are pretty big. The five pieces of avocado are great but more than we could stomach – this is without a main course. Many patrons chew on burgers – they must be good, will try next time. The Spanish Conde Rosé is delicious.


Jul 17 2019

Brazil @ Botanical Garden

It’s hot. Forecast predicts rain. We went anyway. The Brazilian show is the attraction but it’s not that great. I took many lilies and roses, however. We’ve lunch at Hudson Garden Grill which was a good choice: great restaurant and it rained.

Brazilian show

The lilies:


and I falling in love with the roses, again…

some more


Does this look like Monet’s painting?

Jul 16 2019

NYC Municipal Archives

31 Chamber Street
New York

The archives for New York City, includes the vital records of birth, death and marriage, which you can walk out with a copy, paying $11 (online is $15?).

It is a beautiful building, next to the city hall, in the style of Paris Opera, the Palais Garnier, with intricate skylight and beautiful doors and windows. Have dinner at Coco Bistro and drinks at the Oyster House on Pier A @ Battery Park.


Jul 16 2019

Pier 17 after Coco

An evening @ the South Street Seaport, on the Pier 17, after Coco Bistro.

Jul 16 2019

Pier A

22 Battery Pl
New York, NY 10004 @ SSS

We stopped by after South Street Seaport for drinks @ the Oyster House.

Pier A is ‘covered’ with a harbor house. At the front is the three story part (2nd floor is  the table serving Blacktail and 3rd is for event), and at the rare by the water, is the ground floor Oyster House. Self serving, foods and drinks are done at the right, tables are on the left and out doors. I’ve not been in NY for long – only 30 some years, so didn’t know what the fish market era was really like – like since 1830s. But in my genealogy research, I did learn something about it: NYC is where U.S. began after gaining the independence from the British. The fish market ‘culture’ dominated the city. Fulton market was the oldest fish market in the U.S., long before they moved it to Bronx in 2005. I suppose this Pier A is probably as close as one could get to that bygone ear. If you’re interested in this, go visit South Street Seaport Museum.

We only have drinks out on the duck, but probably will return for some foods?


Jul 16 2019

Coco Bistro

233-235 Front St
Peck Slip, NY 10038
South Street Seaport

At this time there are only 15 reviews: either 4 or 5, or 1. It seems the love and hate relations with their customers.

I’d give 3.5 and probably will return.

It’s on a corner with good decoration and the view of Brooklyn Bridge. Good service. Good breads. Good bathroom. Delicious food: the escargot and duck are far better than the tapenade – not to say the tapenade isn’t good – bit too salty tho. Are there any not too salty tapenade -:) oh well.

More young women than men … and we’re definitely the oldies there. Oh well. Oldies need to eat too 🙂

Overall it’s a pleasant experience, except the music is too loud – oldies can’t handle it -:) …


Jul 3 2019

Lareira Restaurant

66 E Jericho Tpke
Mineola, NY 11501

Will return.

This Portuguese restaurant is homey, has pleasant decoration, good service and large portions.

The restaurant seems to have three sections, two dining rooms and a bar. We went early at 5 pm on a Wednesday, there was only a couple sat at the other end of the room. The olive container has two sections, one for the pits, which I find cute and practical. Now I’ll be on the lookout in stores.

Their house wine, Monte Serra Tinto (red) and Alandra (white; a little flat) are pretty good. Foods are fine. Love their appetizer clams w/ smoked sausage. The duck is on the sweet side and flat tho. Sardine is fine. Great breads but the butter could be better, and the table cloth could be cleaner

The staff chased us out to return our credit card: thank you!

Street parking, I think.


Jun 30 2019

Qingdao eatery … why?

40-46 Main Street
Flushing, NY

Qingdao restaurant is next to the LIRR east bound station. It has been there for a very long time, over 10 years, which is long in Flushing. Actually I never paid any attention to its name until now. For some reason, I thought it was a Taiwanese restaurant [changed hand(s)?].

It’s convenient for me to zoom in and grab something then catch the train. And the one item I’ve buying is the popular Sichuan appetizer Couple Lungs – 夫妻肺片 fuqi feipian. It’s made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal, and could serve cold or at room temperature – great with beer or chill white or rose. I think theirs is the better one in and around Flushing. Today I ventured a little further and bought two full bags…


As I was looking for it name, I found there are nine reviews on Yelp and 3 on TripAdvisor. … Rudeness is a common complain. I do speak Chinese but …

Ok, you may say, it’s a cheap eat. But I don’t seem to recall any other ethnic vendors (or even street vendors) treat their customer like dirt or non exist. Is it our tolerance that led the Chinese vendors to treat other Chinese like dirt?

Today as I was buying, the woman behind the counter was constantly serving other patron.
Me, “hi, can we finish up here? I’ve a train to catch.”
She, “I’m not delaying you. I’m just taking a payment …” And next moment, she went to clean up a table.

When I saw the slow sautéed beef I asked how much because they don’t take credit card and I only had $5 left.
She, “$8 a pound.”
I, “May I have half pound?” then added “I only have $5 left.”
After weighting, I handed her the five bill. She said, “$9.”
“I thought you said $8 a pound.”
“I said $18.” She threw back the bill and turned to another customer.
I said, “can you have some manner?”
She, “What manner?”
I, “NOT throwing thing? It’s very rude.” Then I said to myself, “Irene, why bother? Move on.”

Many years ago (early 1990s), a group of us had lunch with the Consul General of China to New York and his wife in a midtown up scale Chinese restaurant. One of the dish was lobster. I looked around there wasn’t a fork, so I asked the staff, “May we have some lobster picks?”

The staff looked at me and walked away. My next companion was an elder gentleman and he said, “Irene, just eat. This is a Chinese restaurant.”

I was stunned by his resignation or tolerance and wondered how could I eat  it without a mess on hands?

Another time, I was on line at a Chinese supermarket in Little Neck. A female cashier trying to push me away so she could go through. I stood my ground. She looked at me with a surprise, “let me go …”

“Don’t you know how to say ‘excuse me’?” …

The Chinese around me, both shoppers and workers, didn’t seem to be on my side.

Oh well …

醜陋的中國人 – 为啥呀?

今天在法拉盛一小吃买了七八样食物 – 这家开了很久了 至少十年以上 (一直买他们的夫妻肺片。。。从来没有留意过名字 。。。也许换过手?)服务员不停的收其他客人的钱 甚至去清理桌子。 我说 ”妞 先把我的东西拿完再去服务别人 行吗?” 她强词夺理说 “我没有影响你呀 ” 。。。其实我应该知趣 一走了之,非但没有,我反而又要了一个 。结果因为给错了钱 她把现金丢给我
我说 ”你怎么这样呀?“
她 “我怎么了?”
我 “为什么这么粗鲁?”
旁边的一个客人赶快说 “不要吵架 。。。”
觉得 中国人什么都能忍 所以要求不高?
很多年前被抓去和国内新来的领事吃饭 。。。龙虾来了 我问服务员 “没有小叉子?” 旁边一个中国人说 “这是中国餐馆, 吃啦。。。”
是消费者宠坏了服务业 还是 中国人什么都能忍 所以要求不高? 我还真没有见过别国人 随地大小便的 。。。 好几星酒店往地毯上吐痰的 (上一次去法拉盛的图书馆。一个中国男人不停的吐痰 虽然他吐进垃圾桶 但是那也不卫生 最恐怖的还是他 从吸到吐的响亮过程。。。 ) 。。。 那天去中国超市 一年轻的收银试图把我推开,这样她就可以通过了。 我没有动。 她惊讶地看着我,“让我过去呀…”

Jun 30 2019

Pride March – gay parade

自豪游行日/ 同性恋游行 纽约和三藩市

I went to city to shop for a pair of sneaker in the morning – don’t ask me why there because I have no answer. As soon as I got off the LIRR, I saw rainbow: rainbow outfit, rainbow flags … Shortly before noon, 7th Avenue from 34th Street toward downtown is closed. Didn’t buy any but saw this one which is appropriate for the day.


These two are from San Francisco

Jun 29 2019

Noodle House: Guh Song Chinese Restaurant

45-46 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

Won’t return: bland and over priced. The shrimps NEED bath – cleaning.

We set to dine at another restaurant but someone didn’t want buffet. It was about to rain and we crossed the street … Obviously it’s a wrong move.

A waste: they use a lot of raw shredded cabbage as garnish, which made me wonder their sense: neither Korean or Chinese eat raw cabbage. And the abundance is just overwhelming and silly.

The chive and pork dish: made me feeling like a cow, chewing on long and tough grass.