Jun 15 2018

China 2018

I’ve 8 hours layover in Hong Kong, am able to visit the Maritime Museum on Pier 8 in the Central. Got to visit many sites but also missed a few.

Jun 14 2018

A raccoon and 4 pix

A raccoon is capturing the hearts of Americans and many more news outlets are covering it, from the exalted New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Times to BBC … as if  Trump never met Kim and the Inspector General’s Report Criticizes James Comey means little. Apparently, they couldn’t compete with raccoon … then as I was taking the last one of the follow pix, a raccoon walks by leisurely. [得意] 最近美国一个小狸子令到很多人牵肠挂肚的 刚刚就看到一个大摇大摆的从俺面前走过去 …

9:30 am

12:30 pm

3:30 pm

6:30 pm

Jun 8 2018

Liang’s Noodle 黄金角 @ NY Food Court

133-35 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354

I’ve been to this little takeout place (Huangjin Jiao – Gold Corner 黄金角), inside the (Yelp) New York Food Court many times. I like their beancurd wrap (suya 素鸭 – vegetarian duck) very much. But sometimes they’re not that fresh – this time, it tastes sour by the night. Their kaofu (烤麸) is too greasy.

They’ve tables to sit and eat and a small parking lot for the Food Court.

Jun 6 2018

Damascus Room @ the Met

A lovely recreation (more details) – Ottoman Empire @ the Met.


Jun 6 2018

Medusa @ Met

Medusa @ the Met – a Greek mythology. She was a monster, a Gorgon, g beautiful woman with snake hair. If you stare at her you’ll die.

This spring/summer collection of 1994 was done by Gianni Versace (1946-97) that put him on the map as one of great Italian designer when Elizabeth Hurley wore it to a red carpet event (premiere) that year.


Jun 6 2018

Bathtub & sarcophagus @ the Met

The Met
New York

How did they let out the water from this Roman bathtub? There are a few beautiful sarcophagi (sarcophagus – stone coffin adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece).


Jun 6 2018

The Met’s Middle East

Safavid tile panels (below) Garden Gathering, Iran probably Isfahan period (1501-1722)

This section of the Met I’ve not visited often. East, Middle East, India, refined porcelain, tiles, carpets, arts … yet the Middle East hasn’t changed much over the past centuries. What had led me here is I rewatched Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and the movie showed me the same.


The Mid East @ Met – all 6 exhibits are fm Iran – unchanged over centuries … it’s hard to connect the past with the present. What had gone wrong? Do others have the right to impose their will to a country/region/religion …? 大都会的中东厅 (6件展品来自伊朗) 前个星期重新看了1962年拍的 “阿拉伯的劳伦斯” 所以跑来大都会的中东展区. 12世纪前后 美轮美奂的艺术 非常难和今天的中东连接上… 地理决定一切?别人有权利指点他人的江山吗?


Jun 6 2018

Central Park 2018

Nannies … kake monk …  my drinking buddy and lunch date

Jun 6 2018

Le Pain Quotidien @ Central Park

2 W 69th Street
New York, NY 10023

A good food chain that I enjoy. They serve coffee or tea in a small bowl without handle which brings me to think of my Nainai (grandmother in Chinese; who’s my grandpa’s last and his most favored concubine …) who considered manner, especially table manner was important, who disapproved of drinking out of a bowl … -:)

Dogs with their owners and birds from the skies are our drinking buddies and lunch dates -:)

The beer garden @ tavern on the green isn’t open so this is always my other choice. In terms of setting, this one beats out tavern on the green’s out door areas.

Jun 6 2018

UVA Italian wine bar @ UES

1486 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10075

Rusting. Yummy food. Good service. Will return.

Really enjoyed what we ordered, particularly Carta Fontadina (thin crispy bread that reminds me of naan bread; and wondered why don’t they use the board with “moat” so the olive oil won’t flow into the table?) drenched in rosemary flavored olive oil and fried artichoke (Carciofi Fritti)

The Nero D’Avola 2013 is better than the Super Tuscan.

The only complaint would be the cork in the wine – they changed it. This is perhaps the first time I send something back … and check your bill – they charge another table’s on us – I checked the bill because I wanted to get the spelling of Nero D’Avola right.

The last time we went to a “rustic” restaurant was Rustic Root in Woodbury (out of Long Island) which is a joke. Want rustic? Come to UVA on UES.