Apr 15 2017

Nan Bei Ho 南北和

212-22 48th Ave
Bayside Hills, NY 11364

I’ve been to this little eatery before but did not know the owner was a former star: NYT: Lady Kung Fu. A few other restaurants she had owned or still owns:
– Mama King, on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing in 1996
– New Mei Hua, in Flushing
– Guo Ba Inc, in Bayside

If you’re gongfu movie buff or Bruce Li’s fan, you probably would know her, Angela Mao. My mother-in-law asked her if she can take a photo with her after the meal, the owner politely said, “Just a second, I’m busy …” Guess she doesn’t want to. This photo was taken at the beginning. This location starts in 1997. The radish cake is really good. Most dishes there are not too sweet, so it’s good. The set menu provides chicken soup (on the house) but it’s a little tasteless.


Good food, service. Conformable decor. Pretty neat. BUT if they pay attention to details then why don’t they just change or fix the soap dispenser above the lavatory?


Angela Mao 茅瑛 看纽约时报才知道这是她的餐馆. 看过李小龙的🎬会知道她是他的女主角. 俺🙈武打片 去过几次都不知道. 喜欢她的声音. 餐馆打理的井井有条. 东西都不错:不甜. 萝卜丝饼[强][强]. 陪家婆去,她想和武打星合影. 明星说 俺忙 等一下… 感觉她是不想. 这张是在问她之前.

Apr 12 2017

Chinatown 曼哈顿华埠

I used to come here more often than the past decade, due to the rise of Flushing. The area is changing and the surrounding areas Lower Manhattan are changing as well. When I came in 1986, it’s all Cantonese speaking. Then as Fuzhou people arrived in doves, Cantonese has to share with other dialects. Wiki

The status of Confucius (1984) has a bro, Lin Zexu since 1997. Lin, who’s from Fuzhou, stands in Chatham Square, looking


Apr 11 2017

Veniero’s in April

This is my most faved cafe. In New York‘s East Village.


Apr 11 2017

East Village 东村

Locates north of Chinatown in New York.

St. Mark’s Church on 2nd Avenue & 10th Street (wiki).

This part of town is known for, musicians, artists, bars, hippies, protests, …

My faved cafe/bakery Veniero’s is here too.

Someone filming is going on, on 2nd Avenue. Cooper Union; Hot Pot Central

Apr 11 2017

Poke Chan

New York

Apr 11 2017


15 Gold St
New York, NY 10038
(212) 785-5950

A nice place on Wall Street.

Really like the use of books as decor and the wide plant floor.

The service and food are good; decor is nice. Love the baby kale.


Apr 11 2017

High Line in April

Aside from constructions, the park has at least two signs of warning not to  yellow robed monks are – one by 30th Street and one at the lower end near an aerial bridge. One monk got his prey last May 2016.




Apr 11 2017

Midtown West

The area is full of cranes and sound of concrete drilling.


Apr 11 2017

A long walk, nearly 8 miles

A glamorous day, come to walk with me, visit my city New York.

I take the LIRR into city, passing by Flushing and Long Island City.


The colorful braids. B & H camera shop is closed for Jewish holiday – first day of Passover.

Midtown west is going through a giant make over – the building boom.


The High Line Park is bare and over crowded. And more warning signs of fake monks are spring up


Eating on Wall Street: Felice and Poke Chan


Chinatown 唐人街


East Village. Some filming is going on.


11 looks like two legs. The day is meant for walk.


Apr 11 2017

Long Island City

From lirr