Oct 22 2016


After the typhoon that didn’t actually land.

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Oct 21 2016

Vanke 万科

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Oct 21 2016

The Gaode 高德 map

This map knocks off Google maps in China.

There are two bridges east of the hotel but aren’t shown on the Gaode map.


Oct 21 2016


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Oct 12 2016

Anthony Bourdain would love this one

Laomofang 老磨坊 之 羊汤馆
Xuzhou, China

This is fantastic! Should be on Anthony bourdain’s show! Greasy floor, loud voice of chating, laughing and drinking.

The veggie dishes, are too sweet, which is the local flavor .

Btw, no high heels: one slip you’d be in Beijing.

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Anthony Bourdain would love this one! 好爽 [色] 俺笑的多开心 [偷笑] 5 是热水缸 – 桌子也漂亮. 7 女汉子 8 一箱直接 9 俺也不认识 [呲牙]. 我们去的稍微晚一点 正好错过了 敬酒,猜酒,对酒,唱酒 … 姑凉们,记得不要穿高跟鞋 👠 去. 不知道他们多久/怎么 洗地. 一不小心能滑回北京 🎿

Oct 12 2016

Foot massage

The benefits are many …

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Oct 12 2016

The home of a Jinshi

In HubushanXuzhou, China.

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Oct 10 2016


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Oct 6 2016

Trained during the Golden Week

I must have gone mad to take train travel during the Golden Week in China. 大概是大脑进水了,黄金周期间坐火车. CCTV 13 reports on October 7th, the last day of the long week, the passengers on trains has exceed 12 millions. Hope I get the figure right.

BJ West, waiting room 10.



Oct 5 2016

Beijing West Train Station 北京西站

This station is huge but escalators are only at selected spots. The signals are rather poor. I’ve to climb stairs to get to the ticket office. The grids on the floor are cumbersome. Traveling during the golden week isn’t wise.

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