Jan 13 2018

Briciola, a wine bar

370 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019

Probably won’t return: food is so so and I need to lose weight and I don’t know how. This is how a country hicky goes to town -:) Very tight space on stools – the space won’t allow chairs. I was told, it was not a busy night – the kitchen staff have time with their phones.

Delicious wines: Super Tuscan and Pinot Nero, Chianti is lesser of the three but passable.

Decor: quite nice, exposed brick walls, woods, but the two white tile counters are hard on the eyes. And the surface isn’t completely flat which worries me the entire time that my glass is going to slip and fall. Nice stems, tho.

Now, food. Sardine in Saor – sardine on top of Polenta – I don’t the mesh – anchovy maybe. It reminds me the story way back during President Bush the kid time – the Hainan Island Incident: an US spy plane after collided with a one of Chinese planes. The Chinese pilot died (it didn’t have a parachute!) The Americans followed the other Chinese plane and forced to land in China. Make the story short, the local delicacy is fish head. And the army treated the self invited spies the fish head. I couldn’t remember which news outlet reported this but the didihead didn’t bother to do a little research and wrote that the spies were treated pretty badly, with only some fish heads. Hello… Oh well. For a person who loves fish and fish head, I didn’t like this one. Kind of yucky.

One bathroom – which can take time to get in.

Jan 3 2018

Ruby Indian restaurant

25 middle neck road
Great Neck ny 11020

New, tasty food and bit tacky decor. I ordered take out:
goat curry – could be bit more render
Chicken ruby – bit over cooked
Kurkuri bhindi chaat – fried okra

The garlic naan bread is ok

My order must have sat for a while even I said I’d pick it up an hour later. The bread and okra were old, wilted. Both sauces are delicious.

Street parking. Free after 6pm

Dec 25 2017

The Xmas Cloud

2017 Christmas. There’s a silver lining


Dec 22 2017

Rustic Root

7927 Jericho Turnpike
Woodbury, NY 11797

I really don’t like servers take empty dishes away while someone is still eating. I see you’ve people waiting but there is no need to rush you diners. And the servers were running, making the atmosphere rushed and crazy.

They’re trying hard to copy farm to table concept but when the food isn’t good for me to return, I wonder where are these 5 stars come from. Couple of years ago we visited Napa but their food backs up. Sweetness should not be considered good cooking. Charred octopus is very very chewy. So is the duck confit salad, tasteless and hard.

Our server had a sour face. Pls light up a little? We ordered 5 but only four came. Never mind. I’ll thinking that the 5th one is the most delicious Hong we’ve missed.

The house wine merlot and cab are good. Bathroom is spacious and clean. The best thing? They’re next to Iavarone Brothers.


Dec 21 2017

Sake Sushi

95-34 Queens Blvd,
Rego Park, NY 11374

This neighborhood restaurant has been there forever – one of my friends’ canteen who lives a block from them. The first time I went there was before my children were born … so … it’s long time. Ok everything is average. This time I’d tri sashimi tuna salmon and yellow tail – all are my fave. The fish are pretty fresh but the rice, oh my … pretty terrible. I considered to ask them in Chinese so not to offend my friend. But I ate my complain instead. Just don’t go back there.

Chinese are easily satisfied with a bowl of rice (its my theory … ), no need to be fancy, just make sure they’re cooked, evenly. I remembered two decent restaurants with bad rice, one was TriBeCa Grill in downtown and El Dorado Kitchen in Sonoma CA.


Dec 4 2017

In gold we trust

Dec 4 2017



Nov 29 2017

Up front

A very gorgeous day in New York, crispy and warm.



Nov 25 2017

Backroom with a view


Nov 17 2017

Foliage & window