Oct 29 2019

The disappearing history

Looking for old information, I went to Xicheng West End District Archives.

To remake their cities (and perhaps to show their achievements while in the office …) and aggressive developers, old historical remnants are being demolished, fast.

Qingdao: the 18 meter high fire watchtower on GuanXiang Road (望火楼; 1905-2009) on the western edge of the old observatory, and the train station (1901-1991) – the current train station is moved back 15 meters.

Ji’Nan: the old train station (1912-1992; by German architect 赫尔曼舍尔) and the two story commercial building (八卦楼; 1914-97).


May 7 2019

Wanzhu Yuan in 2019

Ten Thousand Bamboo Garden 万竹园
Ji’nan, Shandong

Thanks to my aunt Yang Dongming who systematically photographed the Garden by courtyards. 谢谢小婶婶杨东明 特意帮我逐个花园照. 感恩

From the entrance, there is the rockery 假山 and the Donggao Spring 东高泉 to the left, which is one of the three springs. This post is mainly on the courtyards.

The Eastern Section 东套院 was the main living quarter.

Turning right from the entrance is the Eastern Section – the main section. The front building has converted into a memorial hall to house artist Li Kuchan’s work 李苦禅纪念馆 since 1986. And followed by (up north) Pomegranate Courtyard 石榴院, the Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院 and at the back is the 绣楼/恒明楼, the actual place my great grandfather lived.

The Pomegranate Courtyard 石榴院

The Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院 & the Hengming 恒明

This well was prized in the Magnolia Courtyard 玉兰院. According to Grandaunt Jingqiao, when they were little, they liked to use the water from this well to wash their hair because it made their hair particularly smooth and shiny.

听巧姑说: 他们小时候用这个井水洗头, 特别顺滑.

The Western Section 西套院 of living quarter. Passing by the rockery to the right, the little pathway leads to the family quarter. It has Apricot Courtyard 杏院, Wangshui Spring 望水泉, Begonia Courtyard 海棠院, Aihe (Lotus) 爱荷亭, Papaya Courtyard 木瓜院.

Apricot Courtyard 杏院

Begonia Courtyard 海棠院

Apr 2 2019

Ji’nan in 2019

After anther round of fundraising, our family’s cemetery was updated. Many relatives gathered there shortly before the Tomb Sweeping Day 清明节, to pay respect to our ancestors.

Afterward, they visited Wanzhu Yuan again. The top and lower left photos were taken on Marcy 17, 2016.


The Jingjue Temple is still closed.



May 7 2016

The four pavilions

Wanzhu Yuan has four pavilions:



Mar 17 2016

Wanzhu Yuan in 2016

This is my third time (2011 & 2010, & here) visiting the Garden but first time with my Dad. We stand in front of his former room, two small pics are inside. It’s being used as an office now. The female staff is gracious to let us in.

L to R: 1980, 万竹园东院泉池被填, 在上面修了房子. 1984, 万竹园开始重修. 图为假山前小三股水处. By 贾祥云

IMG_0643 good

IMG_0646 IMG_0648

As soon as we entered the Baotu Garden I could feel dad and his aunt were anxious. They were on the cloud, revisiting their childhood home where they shared so many happy memories. (Maps of Jinan)

IMG_0597 IMG_0608 IMG_0614 IMG_0618 IMG_0622 IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0621 image img_6166

The two kids caught my eyes near Dad’s room. I snapped this photo, thinking Dad and his aunt eight decades ago.

IMG_0651 IMG_0653

The back door of my paternal grandma’s room

IMG_0676 IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0669

Donggao Quan, Baiyun Quan, Bailong Wan

Baiyun Quan 2016.03.17 Donggao Quan IMG_0660 IMG_0670

The lower right photo is on April 2nd, 2019

Mar 17 2016

Baotu Quan 趵突泉 2016

My 2016 visit.


IMG_0543 IMG_0547 IMG_0545 IMG_0546 IMG_0551 IMG_0582 IMG_0572 IMG_0566 IMG_0569 IMG_0586 IMG_0698 IMG_0704


Mar 17 2016

Baotu Quan 趵突泉


This is my 3rd time visiting this famous spring in Jinan. The pic below (four of us) is taken by uncle Changgeng who’s a enthusiast of photographer. More 2016 pix here


There are many other springs in Jinan.


Wuyou Quan 无忧泉 2016.03.17


Shiwan Quan 石湾泉 2016.03.17

Donggao Quan

Donggao Quan 2016.03.17

Baiyun Quan 2016.03.17

Baiyun Quan 2016.03.17


Mar 16 2016

A night out on the town

The hotel is in the heart of the town, with an easy stroll, we visit a couple of shopping malls. I even get them into a Starbucks.

img_6146 img_6148 img_6149 img_6150 img_6151

Mar 16 2016

福寿园 “

Xiaolizhen, Changqing, Jinan, Shandong, China

IMG_0323 IMG_0327 IMG_0337 IMG_0339 IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0353 IMG_0366 IMG_0381 IMG_0397

Mar 16 2016

Jufulin Seafood 聚福林海鲜城

市中区 大纬二路184号(八一立交桥东北角)
Jufulin Seafood Cheng dianping

Cheng = city, it’s indeed huge and has a couple of locations in Jinan. The room we have was off the main dining hall, not luxury but functional – the suites are to the left of the restaurant but were all booked – it is that busy, on a Wednesday night in March, at 5pm. The wide range of seafood and other food for diners to choose from is somewhat fun, compare to sit and order – although you could also sit-and-order if you choose.

Nothing really jumped out to grab me. A little above average service and food, no-frills. Maybe a 3.5 star? Because I probably would go back.

IMG_0478 IMG_0484

The staff is having fun before the starting time.

IMG_0481 IMG_0486

IMG_0488 IMG_0491 IMG_0500 IMG_0499

Part of dinner and the leftover:

IMG_0536 IMG_0537 - Copy

Oh … and the wine