Jingjue Temple 净觉寺

Shandong, Dong’e County, Liuji town, GaoShang village
山东省东阿县刘集镇皋上村 东北500米 (map from Google)

After lunch, we came to visit this temple. It’s sits on 6605 sq meter / 1.6 acre of land, built in 1109 and my great grandpa had renovated it in 1920. It’s now the County Buddhist Association. (baike). We didn’t get to visit inside because it’s closed. The government of Shandong province has declared it a historical relic in December 2006. FB pix


IMG_0313 IMG_0312

A primary school 山东省东阿县刘集镇皋上小学 is next door (zip 252214)

IMG_0314 IMG_0315

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