Aug 31 2021

A hair cut, and $15,600

The southwest corner at Main and Roosevelt in Flushing.

Two of the four corners at the intersection of Main and Roosevelt in Flushing is saturated with Chinese holding signs, wear loud speaker phones and passing out flyers, hacking the $15,600 (just google nys $15,600 to learn what it’s) New York State $2.1 billion aid payment to undocumented workers. The above photo shows a sign poster in Chinese, left to the two ladies reads, “Aid payment $15,600 the cheapest in town”. May I safely assume that the person/group who is soliciting applicants, takes a cut out of the $15,600?


It’s the second day at the US Open and I’ve hair cut with 阿莲 at 136-14 and a few soup dumplings – xiaolongbao for lunch ($6 for six and it’s pretty yummy) before heading there. I parked at Skyview and walked on the Roosevelt Ave – the bridge/pathway under the #7 subway train, which when it passes above you, it was like an earthquake.

Who has reclaimed this piece of land?

I couldn’t wait till the area east of Citifield (Seaver Way between Roosevelt Ave and Northern Blvd) is being revitalized. Maybe a shopping mall, with hotels, shops and restaurants, catering to the locals as well as musical shows, events, US Open, and not to mention the summer long NY Mets. It’s an eyesore for ages.


Aug 30 2021

Grist Mill

An area in the Saddle Rock section.


Aug 29 2021

Farmers Market

Steppingstone Park has the usual weekend farmers market, the last one of the season. This summer has to be the rainiest year that remember. Many weekends had to cancel. Kayak and sailboat rental remains open till October.

Kindred Soul, with our park commissioner Frank playing guitar with an orange red sneaker. He’s restless and the park is pretty well ran under him. There is always something happening.

We an osprey. A kiddie birthday party. The boat takes to your boat.

A serious fisherman

Aug 26 2021

Shun Pao 申报 Shanghai News

Shen Bao (short for 申江新报) formerly known (transliterated) as Shun Pao or Shen-pao, in English as Shanghai News, was the second longest running newspaper in China, from 1872 to 1949. It was formed by British businessman Ernest Major 安纳斯脱

Aug 20 2021

Grateful Dead @ Citifield

Ok, this is my first encounter to their live performance 2021 tour. Their music is far better than Rush, Yes, and Dream Theater, pretty dreamy and mellow. 

We drove through Flushing to get some juicy dumplings for tailgate and not surprised to see many deadheads. Flushing can be better with games/events at Citifield and US Open, the hotels and restaurants should benefit from it. I saw the corner lot by Roosevelt Ave and Seaver Way is empty. Fingers crossed for a decent outcome. 

… the deadheads in Flushing 

Citifield is terrible: parking is $50 (normal Mets games are $25) but they couldn’t get us into the stadium on time. The gates are open at 4pm!!! The band started at 7:35 while huge crowds are still trying to get in. We waited till the line is gone.

Part of parking lot cross Roosevelt Ave where commuters park (where I once parked) turned into the commercial stripe for foods and goods. 

The famous Mets dog is there. We finally went in, at 8:14pm when there isn’t a line. 


the show 

Aug 17 2021

My Lyft ordeal

A TOTAL fabrication: the Lyft driver who took me to SFO airport filed a damage claim of $80 against me. I contacted Lyft immediately, to which it replied: “At this time, your driver specifically identified you as the requesting passenger for a ride during which Interior Mess/animal biowaste occurred. I

Aug 16 2021

SFO, 2021

San Francisco, CA 94128

I’ve taken so many useless photos (8:24 and 8:27) but IF I were to take one more, inside of the Lyft car that delivered me to the airport, I won’t have to deal with the false damage charge from the unscrupulous driver and incompetent #Lyft.

The yoga room and … Brad Gilbert, and Jason Kidd: Bay Area sports hall of fame


Airport stores … it isn’t surprising that they charge 30% more: I took the wrong charging cable, so I need to buy one. $19.99 at Apple store, this the Scoop sells for $29.99. Oh well, $10 for convenience.


Aug 15 2021

Trader Joe’s

3250 Lakeshore Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

Lakeshore Avenue between Mandana Blvd and Lake Park Ave has many shops. I’ve been there a few times. I stopped by Lake Merritt to the west a few years ago.

It’s a walking distance, a little over a mile but much of it is downhill. After a few blocks, I called Uber. The neighborhood (Trestle Glen) north of Park Blvd is a little quaint. I’m surprised to hear the electrical buzzing sound from this dense area.


Aug 15 2021

Ichi Ramen 兴隆小馆

1230 El Camino Real
Ste P
San Bruno, CA 94066

This post is only about a few take out dishes: they’re great! Definitely will go there one day.

The string beans is done right and the shrimps are succulent. The tofu is soft and tasteful, so is the beef and white radish. Two kind of congees, with preserved egg and lean pork 皮蛋瘦肉粥 and fish: both are delicious, and the fish chunks are huge.

The lunch went well, except the sink problem at the community room.


Aug 14 2021

Purisima Creek Redwood

13184 Skyline Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94062

This has been the most challenging hike in my little walking life. We started and ended at north parking lot (13184 Skyline Blvd). The 9.7 mile loop has an elevation of ⇑2,828 ft and ⇓2,822 ft. For a newbie like me, I didn’t finish within the estimate time frame, 4:17. Many hikers in the group would easily beat this time.

The north parking lot at 13184 Skyline Blvd. was filled when we got there at about 8:15am but as we waited for the group, there were many hikers left and opening up a few parking spots. We went out and parked on the side of the road – make sure you park within the side line because a car got a ticket, with left two wheels out side of the side line. There is a bathroom for both genders. The reception is sporadic on the trail, and no dogs/bikes are allow but I do see dogs and bikes.


We started with the downhill path, which is to the left and climb up back at the end, from the other side.

Most of the loop is under the shade. The sunny park of the path could get very dusty, especially when you’re trailing behind. From the get go, I was lagging behind: to avoid being a vacuum cleaner, and the downhill is the killer: I dislike downhill very much.

We stopped at another parking lot for bathroom and water/snake break, after about 6 or 7 miles.


The last couple of miles are touch but manageable: I don’t mind climbing. A few fellow hikers are trying to finance my trip back … just joking. Thank you all!

The Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir