Aug 24 2023


2208 W Morrison Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

Will return: Buzzing. Brick decor. Gilded bathroom. Very good food. Slow service.

We sat by the painting the girl covering her eyes – looking around, I didn’t see says no evil and hears no evil .

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The breads – oh heaven
The Charcuterie: the prosciutto is very tender; goat cheese is yummy without being gamy, totally delicious.
Grilled octopus – excellent – tender
Iberico secreto pork – so so
Zucchini – very good, hint of mint
Steaks – so so. They asked for plain sauce

Parking on site. We got 5:15 reservation but the lot was pretty full – we got the last spot. As we were leaving, a car returned to the lot waiting for us to exit.

Bathroom user flush; no seat paper.

Aug 14 2023

Rooster and Till

6500 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33604

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A little hard to find and noisy but the food and service are worth the return. Actually is a fortunate for me – led me to the Cement Tile Shop next door. One of their patterns looks similar to the tiles of my childhood home – a siheyuan in Beijing. In fact, the restaurant patrons do park at the tile store.

Friends’s son recommended this one – yes we’re the oldies there. Crowds are mostly young. The table adjacent to ours hosted two different dates, one came after the other: the females were nicely dressed.

Fusion is popular but finding the good balance isn’t easy – this one does it pretty good.

We shared Cheese duo – love the little knife Smoked beets Cobia collar – even this one I don’t feel like sharing Gnocchi Cacio Pepe. All are really delicious and well prepared and presented.

They change the small plate and utensils three times.

One of the male servers who teaches math during school months was bit of a jerk.