Aug 28 2018

Hemlock Farms, PA

Hawley, Pike County,

It’s a 4,500-acre (18 km2) gated community in Lords Valley, located south of Interstate 84, with a Hemlock Lake. Population is 3,271 (2010 census) in about 3,000 homes (only 1k are occupied on a permanent basis). The house we’re in is on the Elm Lake, which is a reservoir, is very tranquil. We’re on the west side, although can’t see the sunset, the blue sky and clouds reflect in the lake are extremely beautiful. I like to get up early to catch the sunrise with the paddle boat and paddle board – the lake allows electrical boats (no gas). I find this boat is very functional, and see many homes have them parked by their decks.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend.


The lakeside house. The big stones add charm and characters.


The feast from tomahawk steak to self caught fish, ribs, lobsters, grilled shrimps, chicken wings, … a little too much tho -:).

See the pretty dragonfly on my arm?


The tomahawk steak which is the long-bone Rib Steak, is awesome and delicious. It reminds me of Fred in the Flintstones, ha ha ha

What do you think?

Aug 26 2018

Sunrise @ Hemlock Farms

The pretty sunrise on the Elm Lake is in full view from the living room and the deck. I like to take the paddle boat out to chase it.





Aug 25 2018

Sunset @ Hemlock Farms

We’re on the western side of the Elm Lake … the reflection in the lake is beautiful.


Aug 25 2018

The rocks @ Elm Lake

The lake and homes are all adorned with big stones, which adds charm and character.


Aug 24 2018


1043 Norrhern Blvd.
Roslyn, NY 11576

Will return.

High ceiling (love it), delicious food, good service, decent bathroom with a maid (better without! I

Aug 21 2018

Chinese are coming

This quiet neighborhood shopping center has a new store coming soon. And it has English and Chinese … If the ad is accurate, the store is expanding.


This Prada pebble bag costs $1,791. It sells a larger version which is a little under $2k.

Aug 21 2018

Counting in Central Park

A fake monk is counting his spoil openly in the park. My god …

Crazy rich Asians

The bubbles, and more bubbles

Aug 21 2018

City Vineyard

233 West Street
New York, NY 10013

<- DIY sunset -:). Will return.

Great sunset view, good service and delicious food. We didn

Aug 21 2018

Downtown & 9/11 Memorial


Aug 17 2018

Skintight @ Roundabout Theatre

The Laura Pels Theatre
111 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

A sharp and entertaining off bway show. The Broadway show is about a middle aged daughter whose ex husband just engaged to a 20 something. Her 70 years old dad is in a relationship with 20 years old former male porn star. Her college son is obvious gay … Many laugh out moments. I can’t say that I caught every single details becasue the cast just went on and their lines were buried in our laughs. Maybe consider to wait out the audience then go on?